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Android Lollipop Tips and Tricks Part 3

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OK folks here is part 3 of Android tips and tricks, enjoy! Screen Pinning  Also See: Android Lollipop Tips and Tricks Part 2 Your smartphone is full of personal information and sensitive data. It is difficult to let people use your phone without you being over their shoulder so they don’t look at your personal data. “Screen Pinning” is a feature that will let you lock your phone to only one app. Here is an example, someone asks to use your phone to make a call. You can “pin” the phone app so the person cant do anything else. To enable this feature got to Settings > Security > Screen Pinning. Open the app you want to pin, press the Overview button, scroll to the app and tap the blue thumb tack icon on the bottom right corner of the most recent app and there you go. To disable this when they are done unpin it by long pressing the back and overview buttons at the same time. pinnoing See How Long Until You Are Fully Charged One Android Lollipop tip is super simple. Have you ever wondered how long it will take for your phone to be fully charged? Well, now Android can tell you. When your device is charging the hours and minutes until fully charged are displayed at the bottom of the lock screen. Now you know how long until you can play more Flappy Lollipop. charging Customize Your Notifications Android Lollipop now gives users control over all notifications now unlike before. All apps installed on your device can be configured to send a notification only when you want to see them. There are now 3 options available for each application: block, priority, and sensitive.
  1. Block– Will never show notifications from the application. 2. Priority– Will show only notifications at the top of your list and only let them through when in Priority Mode. 3. Sensitive – All Content will not be displayed on the lock screen notification
There are only two ways to adjust these settings. You have to long-press any notification and select the (i) icon to go to the settings for that application. Also if you don’t want to wait for the notification you can go to Settings > Sound & notification > App notifications. notifications Restore to a Previous Android Device Android Lollipop’s Setup Wizard has never been great I can attest to that. First you sign into your Google account, opt in or out on a few things and you’re on your way. Every so often all your previously downloaded apps would begin downloading from the Google Play Store, but sometimes they wouldn’t. The problem has It’s always been hit or miss, and there was no real sure fire way to actually manage what was being restored. That has all been changed in Android Lollipop. There is a new option that will let you to restore to any previous Android device found in your Google account. It will restore all of your settings, wallpaper, and even launcher icon arrangement. Of course it also restores apps, but only the ones you choose. These cool new features are game changers for sure. Setting up your new phone will never be the same again. setup

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