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Google X: Nano Pill to seek Cancer Cells and other diseases

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Google X announced that it is working on a Nano Pill that will seek out cancer cells as well as detect other diseases earlier than we do now. The Nano Pill will revolutionize the medical industry as we know it and possibly end deaths from cancer and other diseases.   Google X plans to use tiny elements that are coated in magnetized antibodies to catch the cancer cells before modern technology can detect the cancer. The elements will be programmed to distribute through the body and search for abnormal cells.   You will have a wearable device that calls the cells back to a destination and reports back if there is any abnormal cells that could be cancerous or possibly detect other diseases. google_nano The Nano Pill is like Kit from Knight Rider. The Nano Pill will drive around your body seeking your abnormal cells and reporting the results back to the device you wear.   Andrew Conrad, head of Life Sciences team at Google X stated that the way we detect cancer and other diseases now is like taking your car, after it breaks down, to get the oil changed. e51a37a0c133b48c_1414524276905_wps_17_GoogleX_Nanodiagnostics_i.xxxlarge Once swallowed, the particles separate and travel through the body using antibodies. Google X will have the cells programed to search the body- and they will be able to focus on an area, such as prostate or breast for those with family history.   The Nano pill could emit a fluoresce so that the cells in question can be seen on an MRI well before it is a ball of cancer cells. Google X has discussed the implications of the Nano Pill on the medical community. In the future, the Nano pill could end the need for lab work. One would just swallow the Nano Pill instead of having to give a urine sample or have blood drawn. The Nano particles would search out diseases and other issues; possible detect heart attack and strokes well before they happen. screen-shot-2014-08-06-at-4-02-54-pm The Nano Pill is still in the beginning tests and has not been introduced into the medical community nor has the Nano Pill been tested. Google X is hoping to begin clinical trials in a few years.   The Nano Pill will produce fear in those who do not understand the technology. I am sure the technology could cause debates on the legality as well as moral value in having Nano particles within your body. I feel that the Nano Pill that Google X could save people’s lives and possibly end cancer deaths. The Nano Pill has the ability to catch cancer before it ever begins to overtake the body, end the cancer and allow a person to continue to live their lives – instead of months of chemotherapy, surgeries and then screens to make sure the cancer does not come back.   The Nano Pill will not only help the world of cancer detection, but the plan is to program the Nano Pill particles to look for signs of heart attacks, strokes and possibly find clots that will cause death before it is too late.    

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