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5 online Programming Resources for Beginners

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There is a point in time where everyone wants to learn program, especially when you’re a geek, nerd or whatever. People put those labels on us all the time. We are just technologically adept. But if you want to learn to code here are some sites to help. Whether you want to learn Java, HTML or CSS. Even if you don’t plan on being a developer these should be enough to wet your whistle. So lets get started! Zach Sims is the co-founder of Codecademy says that learning code is easier for beginners especially if you’re under 18. The key to programming is “learn by doing”, start off easy and learn by repetition, there are many sites to help with your journey for programming.  
  1. Scratch

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Scratch is a MIT project that has a graphical interface. It’s graphical processing language (“Scratch”) makes animated characters on the screen move. Scratch isn’t something you can build a website or a program with, but it does teach algorithmic thinking also the basic concepts of computer language, and it can smith out the transition to HTML and CSS for sure. This is also great for children to start with as it is fun and they learn from doing cool things.  

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The mission with is to expand the number of students, with acess to the learning tools it has for programming languages. There are exercises available that are formatted lile games with drag-and-drop tiles, also users can see the code as they are building it during the many challenges and when they are done.   There is one where you can make Elsa from Frozen walk 90 pixels, turn left 90 degrees and walk back, just by typing “moveForward(90);turnRight(90);moveForward(90);” this in Javascript!  
  1. Codecademy
Screen Shot 2014-12-11 at 3.33.06 PM As soon as you sign up with Codecademy, you can learn to design your own website with CSS and HTM, and make your name animated by using Javascript. Codecademy helps by letting you write a line of code, and see what happens instantly, instead of having a instructor watch you. You will also benefit from being asked to build lnown websites like Etsy, with a program called Ruby on Rails.  
  1. CS50
CS50, Harvard University’s intro to computer science course currently enrolls more that thousands of online students and more than 800 in-class. The syllabus includes general concepts and languages, and has videos and problem sets online to let students everywhere around the world follow along. This is not hands-on as some of the others but it is more traditional as in computer science, but you should check it out anyway.  
  1. Treehouse Club
Ok Treehouse is not free, it costs $25 bucks for the basic plan and $49 bucks for the pro. If you are into a more in-depth learning environment with access to workshops and interviews this is for you. Treehouse has special tracks for web design and iOS development for those users have specific interests in mind for their programming education.   Ok, there you have it! This should get you started on programming. Remember to have fun, and don’t get frustrated. You will quickly learn to code and have another skill under your belt.

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