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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 tips

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The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is not just a beautiful phone but it is one that has some great features. We will look at some tips to help you get the most out of your Note 4. Some are known, while others are not. I will discuss these tips and explain how to enable or disable the features. note 4 Don’t you hate when you are out and cannot charge your phone.   This happens to me all the time, especially when I work all day and then go to straight to a sporting event. Well, the Note 4 has a great feature. You can turn on Ultra Power Saving mode. This is a great tip because when you turn Ultra Power Saving on your Note 4, you can extend the battery life exponentially. You can access the Ultra Power Saving Mode 2 ways. First, you can go to Settings, Power Saving and then select Ultra Power Saving Mode. When you turn this on, it restricts the phone, does not allow apps to access the Internet. You can add apps or whatever you want to the power saving mode screen- if you need them. At about 50%, you can last 7 days in ultra power saving mode. AndroidPIT-Galaxy-S5-Power-Saving Another tip is that you can take pictures with you volume keys. Since the Note 4 is large. Taking pictures can be a little difficult. Using the volume buttons to take pictures will make it easier. To do this, go to the camera app and select settings. When the setting menu is open, select advanced settings by pressing 3 little dots. There is a section labeled “The Volume Key.” You can select the take a photo, start a video or zoom with the volume keys. camera-settings-note-4note 4 vol The next tip is in the same location!   It is all about how to work the camera settings on the Note 4. In the camera settings, you can adjust your picture and video quality. Also, you can enable HDR as well as image stabilization and a pleather of other settings to help you become a professional smartphone photographer. AndroidPIT-Galaxy-Note-4-ResolutionAndroidPIT-Galaxy-Note-4-Video-Stabilization Lastly, another tip is to adjust the vibration on the Note 4. The Note 4 vibrator is strong enough to move the Note 4 off the table. You can adjust the vibration to match the level you need. Adjusting the vibration can help save the battery as well. To change the vibration settings, go to the settings and then select sound. From there, select vibration intensity to change the intensity or to turn off. AndroidPIT-Galaxy-Note-4-Vibration There are so many more tips to personalize your phone. You can go to the Personalization in Settings and look at all the cool stuff there. Your Note 4 has a Guest Mode, you can backup and there is a blocking and private mode. Start looking at all the options available to you. The best tip I can give you is to explore your Note 4, test each of the features, play with settings and make it yours. The best part of owning an Android is that you can it exactly what you want it to be and exclusive to you. AndroidPIT-Galaxy-Note-4-Finger-Scanner-Personalization

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