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3 Android Features Not on iPhone

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How often do we compare Android with iOS each and every time Google and/or Apple announce a new version of their OS, fans of both sides take to the internet to argue who did it first, or who did it better. Most of the time, the two operating systems do borrow or adapt popular features from one or the other but a lot of features, even popular ones, often do not make the transition. That’s where you see a lot of the differences between the two in terms of features. Both Google and Apple follow a certain philosophy when adding features to their mobile operating systems and there are some things that neither of the big two will adopt (voluntarily or otherwise) from the other, Here are the three awesome Android features that will never make it to iOS, at least in the near future Also Check Out: Google X Nano Pill Battery Management android_battery_saving-1 The main reason why Apple is unlikely to introduce a battery-monitoring feature like that in Android Lollipop does not have anything to do with its sales strategy. It is more than likely a PR move; can you imagine iOS users posting tons of screenshots of how poor their device’s battery is performing. Battery life is what Apple keeps boasting about improving with each new device it introduces. Users already complain about battery life, and this is something that happens on all devices, not just Apple. If Apple were to introduce an app that has an accurate way to measure battery performance it would open the barn door for a lot of complaints and screenshots floating all over social media like Facebook and Twitter. Bad PR as we know from the iCloud hack and BendGate is really hard to shake off. Guest Accounts android-users-screen Apple only lets you add a single Apple account to multiple devices. That is more for parental control than it is for allowing more than one person to use a single device. You don’t normally share a phone but iOS runs on the iPad and is like a family computer, it can be shared, However, it’s unlikely to ever happen for one simple reason; sales. Allowing device sharing could impact sales of the iPad. Since the iPhone 6 is already cutting into iPad sales. I cannot imagine a world where an iPhone can replace an iPad, It all comes down to money and device sharing doesn’t help Apple much. Google Camera App gsmarena_001 I’ve heard it everywhere; there is nothing like the Google Camera app. It is true the iPhone may boast a great camera and everything, but the camera app itself has just only got exposure adjustment but it still doesn’t hold a candle to the blur effect in Google Camera. There is nothing app wise for iOS that can even come close to it and it is hard to find anything for free. Google Camera is free, and it actually helps take great pictures. Now why isn’t this coming to iOS? It’s because Google will not give anything that great to iOS. Apple will probably develop something like it, or really close to it, or maybe not. Don’t get me wrong, Apple has a proven wonderful device, but these Android features just work PERIOD.   Check out Android Authoritys Video Review of The Google Camera

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