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iPhone 6S Rumors

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The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus have been released and the talks of the iPhone 6S have been stirring since right before the release. What is Apple going to do to make the 6S better than 6 and/or 6 Plus? All are rumors and with rumors, some come true and some do not- like the Sapphire Glass rumor. Below are rumors about what may/may not happen with the newly expected iPhone 6S. Also Check Out: Apple Mania iPhone-6-iPhone-6c-gadget-grave First, rumor has it that Apple is looking at glassless 3-D features for the iPhone 6S. At the moment, the Apple iPhone 6 does not support any kind of 3D display but Apple has received a patent for what they call “ Interactive holographic display device.”   Apple could work on placing 3D technology in its iPhone 6S. Also, Apple has not played the megapixel war but has increased quality throughout their phones through the lens capability of the cameras but this could be coming to an end.   Apple is planning a major update to its camera for the iPhone 6S . It is believed that the camera in the iPhone 6S will be the best yet. The picture quality is supposed to be just as good as a DSLR. It is supposed to be completed by a new two-lens system.   Also, it is rumored that the iPhone 6S will offer a 21-megapixel resolution but will not increase the size of the lens. iphone-6-concept Now, we will to get to the bones of the possible new iPhone 6S and look at the design. First, the iPhone 6S may have a beautiful all steel body style. This style look gorgeous and will be water resistant- which is an area other smartphones have gone but Apple has yet. The screen size should be around the same, even though the concept of the iPhone 6S shows a smaller screen- I do not believe Apple will decrease the screen size. Also, rumors show that the design of the iPhone 6S is based on the iWatch concept. iphone-7-render Rumors have it that there are many features on the concept that will never happen. One is the demise of the Home Button. Apple would not get rid of the Home Button- especially since it is the fingerprint scanner for the security features of the phone. The iPhone 6S concept has an embedded sensor, and that the volume button and vibrate switch should be combined. We will see if Apple merges the two volume buttons into one like Android phones. Rumors surround the up and coming iPhone devices. What will Apple place in its new iPhone 6S? Will the camera really get an upgrade? Only time will tell. Since the rumored iPhone 6S is supposed to be released sometime in spring/summer of 2015, we will not have to wait too long to see the new design. Will the iPhone 6S really rock our socks off? Only time will tell.

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