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My Note 3 Experience

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I tested a phone that – in the beginning – I thought it was too BIG to work as a cell phone.  As a matter of fact, it took a good few days before I was comfortable with the phone.  Other than its size, the phone was AMAZING!  It is beautifully designed, with great features that make it worth the buy. Also Check Out: Note 3 Specs and Review  samsung-galaxy-note-3_526276 First and foremost- the phone’s battery life was the BEST ever!   I used the phone for five days and I charged it two times.  I charge my phone once a day (unless I am on it a lot, then it is more than just one charge.).    The stand by time is 420 hours and talk time is 21 hours (  The battery is quite large but the whole phone is large. Secondly, the internal storage includes 16/32/64 GB with the device supporting up to a 64GB microSD card.  You should not run out of room with your phone.  Continuing with the internal aspects of this phone – it is fast (especially compared to my Galaxy SIII) and it should be.  The phone has a quad-core 2.3 GHz processor ( Another plus, the screen is beautiful.  The screen is a super AMOLED capacitive 5.7-inch screen with gorilla glass.  The screen displays beautifully but the cost to repair the screen is steep (protect your phone in a case). The camera takes great pictures.  It is a 13 MP with autofocus.  Also, there is a dual-shot feature, simultaneous HD video and image recording as well as touch-focus, face and smile detection and image-stabilization (so your pictures are not blurry).  The front camera is not as spectacular at only 2 MP but still snaps good features. If you have used Samsung smartphones, the phone is set up the same but with better features such as the S-pen.   The S-pen allows you to “cut and paste” pieces of pictures, messages and anything else you need to save.  Also, you can handwrite notes with the pen and draw.  The pen is a great addition and my favorite part of the phone (as well as my daughters).     Samsung-Galaxy-Note-3-Preview-015 The Action Memo allows you to quickly “write” a phone number, lunch order, plus you can erase and rewrite.  The Scrapbooker allows you to cut information you want to save and organize the information.  There is also S-pen apps and games you can download.  It is a great asset to the phone ( According to, the device is gorgeous – the “tour de force in juggernaut handset design.”  It is bold, blazingly fast and is incredibly sharp screen plus has an amazing battery life.   The negatives were the expense, its size and the faux-leather styling ( The stated that the Note 3 remains unchallenged in its category with excellent battery life, brilliant display and the top performance make “it an excellent all-rounder for those wanting a bigger device.”  (  Of course the cons are the same.  Expense and lacking high-end finishes. All in all, this phone is one of best phones on the market and worth every penny (as long as you can past the size).  Go out and try it yourself – you will get hooked to the design, speed and beauty of the phone. (PS there are several colors to choose from:  White, Black, Pink, Merlot Red, Rose Gold Black, Rose Gold White).

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