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The New Way To Eat Oreos

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Austin, Texas has a massive festival that brings together “bright minds in digital technology, health, film, gaming and more.  The festival is called:  the South by Southwest Festival.  At this year’s South by Southwest festival a great invention was revealed (if you love Oreos).  The machine debuted at the event’s “Oreo Trending Vending Lounge” – a space that delivers “deliciously hyper-personalized and customized snacks based on real-time data collection.”  (  The machine uses techniques similar to 3-D printer to make the cookie with a variety of colors and flavors that you choose.  The flavors include banana, birthday cake, lime, mint and seven other flavors. ( The design group is Maya Design built the machine that boosts a touch screen and allows its customers to see how the custom cookies are built. The cookie part- either chocolate or vanilla – is lifted up.  The machine then, squeezes orange frosting in a swirl pattern and then white cream is filled in the gaps.  After the filling is placed, then another cookie is placed on top.  The cookie is transferred to the bottom of the machine for the user to collect. Bonin Bough, VP of Global Media and Consumer Engagement at the food company Mondelez International stated that the company is “revolutionizing the distribution process by creating the cookies in real time with experimental 3D printing technology,” and uses Twitter. 1 It takes the cookie-building machine takes the machine under two minutes to accomplish and it was free for people attending the event.  I wish I had been at the event because this would be right up my alley!  Also, people trying the machine could eat Oreo cookies that were based on trending social conversations on Twitter. 3027897-poster-p-1-oreo3dprinted The total flavors were sixteen and you could choose from four different patterns:  bulls’-eye, pie shapes, stripes and swirls.  The machine knows the exact amount of cream to place on cookie – 6.8 grams. Also, you could color your crème to any shade you wanted.  The cookies would be individualized to the person making the cookie.  I could have eaten a bright blue birthday cake chocolate Oreo (sounds delicious) or a chocolate cookie with banana and strawberry crème tinted green.  The possibilities are endless.  Hopefully they will add more flavors to try. The machines will be traveling all over the world while testing and fine-tuning the prototypes so that eventually the machines will be available across the world and hoping for a place near me.  The machine is going to be used to test flavors and to “steal all the attention from the South by Southwest festival.”  ( oreo-vending-machine I do believe- since I love Oreo cookies- this is the best idea ever!  I hope the technology grows and soon there are will be an Oreo Vending Lounge in every mall, maybe even Walmart.  I cannot wait to taste these yummy treats!

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