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Generation Tech

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There is a rising need in the global economy for tech savvy consumers and workers alike. Never before have children been exposed to such a large amount of tech early in life. Generation Tech, as I will refer to them, is a new generation of people who will never know what a life without digital was. Children will never know what it's like to not have wireless internet around every corner. Most children by the age of two will be able to operate a phone that many of us would have trouble with. Is this because technology is becoming easier to use, or is Generation Tech just adjusting to the environment of an ever changing digital age. Startup Stock Photos Check out what some people are doing in NYC: Stepping back just 20 years ago would be an unbelievable time for kids today. No personal computers, very limited internet which was more or less designed so that universities could share research (sounds a little like a useful Facebook). The internet has blazed a trail and raised a standard for global communication. Generation Tech will never know what it was like to have to write a letter to let someone across the globe know how you feel. With the rise of SMS and other internet based communication platforms, this generation may even see the complete decline of the phone as a primary source of communication. Startup Stock Photo While it is impossible to know what the future holds for sure, we can say with confidence that it holds better tech. If there is any doubt about this, look at how amazing most of our smartphones are. Listed below are just a few tech items that our smartphones alone have replaced:
  • PDA
  • Video Camera
  • Watch
  • Cameras
  • Music players (CD's, Walk-mans etc...)
  • Watches
  • Wallets
  • Laptops (While they are still nice to have)
The list could literally fill this entire page, and to think there are items as simple as calculators that didn't make my short list. It isn't the time to be scared of technology in the sense that for the most part it helps us do things more efficiently. Sure it's nostalgic to take a bunch of pictures and just see which ones "came out the best" but for the average user this method kind of sucks. Generation Tech is spoiled to taking multiple shots and seeing a picture instantly on their smartphone. If you could go back in time 20 years with just your cell phone (and hopefully clothes) you would baffle the masses at such amazing technology. Startup Stock Photos While Generation Tech is very tech savvy as the name implies, it's really sort of up to us whether or not they are life savvy. The implementation of technology in our lives is gradual because there is so much gray. If there was ever a time that we need to focus our efforts towards making useful technology it is now. If you feel lost in this new speed of light tech movement, or just need to know how to surf the web without annoying pop-ups let us know. We have highly skilled technicians on staff that can provide you with a tech solution for your life.  

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