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Windows 10

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It sure seems like once every few years Microsoft has a flop operating system and then a really good one. While I do like Windows 8.1, the majority of PC users are not super impressed with its UI and functionality. Windows 8.1 looked to capitalize on the capabilities of touch as well as nice visuals to begin easing into its new mission statement of carrying an experience across multiple devices (tablets, consoles, laptop's etc...). While the idea is nice, most people miss the start menu and other basic functions of Windows, while even more still don't know how to use 8.1. Microsoft obviously has to do something to address key issues plaguing users and causing many to hesitate to switch. Enter Windows 10. windows10_windows_product_family_9-30-event-100464966-orig I am not a Microsoft fanboy by any means. I don't like to take sides when it comes to a operating systems and I believe each one has a specific purpose that it works really well for. That being said the beginning stages of Windows 10 look very exciting and it seems as though Microsoft may be poised for a turnaround starting with a very simple move, the reincorporation of the start menu. Hardly anyone bought the Metro interface replacing the start menu and I will say it could be clunky at times. Windows 10 will bring back the start menu while adding the beloved live tiles to the classic feel. No more fidgety switching between screens. ms-event-2015-01-21-win10-46 The day was going to come when Microsoft incorporated intelligent voice control into its operating system and it appears to be a major part of Windows 10. With the implementation of Cortana as your new personal dictating secretary, prepare to be either amused or amazed at the lack of or amazing performance by this little gadget. If voice control is perfected in Windows 10 (heck even if its just good) this will be an incredible step forward for the Windows operating system. The demo videos I have seen seem promising and Cortana is a top rated competitor regarded by many respectable judges as one of the best digital assistants to date. Like many things that this company undertakes though it will probably take time to perfect and there are privacy implications to consider as well. While everything you do online is monitored either way, now every appointment, contact, event, phone call or even text message  that you use Cortana to setup will likely go through some sort of server somewhere. windows-10-screenshot UI adjustments will make Windows 10 quite a bit easier to stomach graphically as well. Microsoft is aiming at creating not a similar product, but a familiar reliability and broken-in feel for its new highly customizable operating system. It is the hope that Windows 10 will become the new standard for productivity and a well evolved touch/mouse and keyboard capable system. From the early reviews I have seen the OS seems to simply work and mesh better especially when multi-tasking as the you may now switch between modern apps on the desktop as well as have multiple virtual desktops running. While all of these things do look promising they are subject to change and it's always hard to tell exactly how an operating system will do until its fresh and golden out of the oven. We will see, and we will also be here to help you make the transition when it arrives. Come see us and get your computer optimized or cleaned up today. We do computer repairs of all types so just give us a call.

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