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Android Lollipop Security

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Security has been a huge issue with the Android OS and there have been reports of malware showing up on Android Smartphones here recently and I have seen a few. These are not really all that bad, but if you visited some really shady sites and actually invited malware to install on your device that wouldn’t be good. Google has some built in protection already, by scanning apps on the Play Store in real time. Now with Android Lollipop coming out, there are more advanced security features to help keep your smart phone safe from malware.

Multi-layer security android-lolipop-2 Android Lollipop will now come in a sandbox type of setup that allows apps to access only applicable and necessary data. There is even real time scanning on the Play Store and on your device. The security is really as foolproof as it can get. What this really means is that the system will look out for potentially harmful sites when you are using Chrome and supposed to keep them in check. Android Lollipop will also feature SELinux, SElinux is a Security enhanced Linux Kernel, that implements access control security policies that is used by the Department of defense. It uses an under-the-hood scanning system that does its part at the operating system level. This makes dealing with any threat far easier and the monitoring is continuous without any let up. Android Lollipop will continue with the existing Google trend of maintaining Android pieces as standalone applications within the Play Store. This will enable automatic updates and quick access for users once it is done. There is also the new Webview which is a rendering engine used by Android applications to display Web content. This will ensure the administration of any security patches in a real time manner 365 days a year. Untitled-2 The new SMART LOCK security FEATURE Android Lollipop now has Smart Lock security implemented and that means you will no longer have to worry about leaving your device unlocked and risk that somebody might gain access to your data. It will work like the Trusted Bluetooth Motorola feature that is on some Moto devices. You will only need to set up a Bluetooth device like a smart watch or your car stereo as ‘trusted’. When you are near these, you will not to enter your pattern or PIN. When you are out of range, your device will automatically lock up. There is also an NFC option that is being implemented where in you can configure a particular NFC tag to function as a key to your device. This can be anything from a sticker, keychain or a NFC tag which then can be tapped on the back of your phone to bypass the lock screen. Smart Lock security will also work with the face unlock futility that has been totally revamped. It now works faster and is more reliable than it has been ever before. Google now assures us that the Smart Lock security feature will get upgraded through the Play Store and it will not have to wait for firmware upgrades or releases. one-out-every-ten-android-apps-affected-malware-viruses-states-new-research   DEVICE ENCRYPTION All the new Android Lollipop devices will also prompt the user to enable encryption at the first power on so that all your future data gets automatically encrypted. This is now another security feature that will make your device threat and malware free. That being said, with these new features your android should be the safest it has ever been.

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