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Net Nanny

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Net Nanny sounds pretty self-explanatory but what does it really do? What operating system does it run? Net Nanny is a program that you can download for a computer, Android or Apple device. Net Nanny has been around a long time for computers and has taken its programs to the smartphone/tablet arena to help parents have a piece of mind with the electronics children have today. Net Nanny can block based on content such as violence, sex or profanity. Each requires a Net Nanny account, which is free but the subscriptions cost money after a 14 -day trial. This blog will breakdown what Net Nanny does in Android and what it does in Apple as well as cost. net-nanny-review-gadget-grave First, Net Nanny is available on any Android device via the Google Play Store. The Net Nanny monitors activity, blocks inappropriate websites and content and you can limit apps. Parents have access to reports on the Net Nanny Console and it runs on Android 2.2 and up as well as on devices such as the Kindle Fire. The Net Nanny also allows remote access to configure and change settings, as the parent feels fit. Net Nanny can limit access as well as having profiles based on age that make configuration easier.   Employers to keep employees from visiting inappropriate sites by using Net Nanny and the App Manager lets parents/employers remote access to even uninstall apps. Some Cons are that if you do not save data, when updates are available it can wipe your data off the dashboard. Also, the monitoring software slows down Internet browsing and slow data transfer. net-nanny-gadget-grave Next, we will explore Net Nanny for Apple. Net Nanny for iOs has three defined safety settings, safe search enforcement, a profanity mask and browser settings to replace Safari. These settings include cut and paste, zoom, landscape mode, tabs and bookmarks as well as URL browsing history. Net Nanny can disable YouTube, iTunes and app purchases; this can prevent kids from re-downloading Safari or another browser that does not block content. Net Nanny for the Apple does not have as many features but does have more than Apple’s features. Apple allows you to disable Safari and other apps but does not have a way to prevent the reinstallation of apps (this can allow a browser and access to the Internet that is not filtered.). net-nanny With Net Nanny, you have many options. If you are worried about your children and their access to the Internet, then Net Nanny is a great choice. Net Nanny is available on Windows, Android and all Apple products. This gives you the same platform across all devices. Net Nanny needs to add Xbox and PlayStation to it repertoire. There are some cons, like paying for each platform (Such as if you have a Windows laptop and an iPhone, you would buy both separately); this can get expensive if you have Apple devices as well as Android and Windows. Also, you would set up a Net Nanny account for each device. Soon, Net Nanny will have one “parental Control Room” account that will span across all settings and provide a one-stop place for all media types.

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