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LinkNYC: New York City Free Wi-Fi

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Public phone booths in one city are getting transformed. These symbols of times past will lose the telephone but gain something better, more useful- they will become wi-fi hotspots , charging stations and a place to make free wi-fi calls. New York City will become the first U.S. city to provide free Wi-Fi. New York City will transform of all its old public payphones to something more useful; they will place pylons that will have free Internet access. Once completed it will be the largest public Wi-Fi around. It will not be just any wi-fi but gigabit wi-fi. LinkNYC is being built by in partnership with CityBridge and the city government. CityBridge already has advertisers lined up to help support the free wi-fi and this is expected to generate 500 million dollars in revenue. Also, CityBridge has help with the building from Qualcomm, and Comark.   These partnerships will help New York City’s internet become 100 times faster than internet for the city government and twenty times faster than Internet in your home.   According to press releases, you will be able to download a high definition movie in about thirty seconds. Check Out More Details Here 1 Construction will begin in early 2015 and will take until the end of the year to get all the structures up and functioning. At the end of the building, there will be over 10,000 links that span throughout New York City and her boroughs. Turning the phone booths into interactive pylons is a great way to add to New York City. Each LinkNYC pylon will have advertising and a tablet. The tablet will allow someone to access public services, interactive maps and make free emergency and information calls. Also, there will be chargers to charge your cellphones and public service announcements will scroll. The pylons will be able to help with almost everything. 2 If you are worried about signing into the largest free wi-fi system, do not worry, they have thought about that. LinkNYC will not only be the largest free wi-fi network, LinkNYC will be the largest free encrypted wi-fi network. CityBridge who heads the project is going to keep all money in the New York City area. CityBridge is getting a local company to build the pylons for the city plus will keep all other jobs local as well – from networking to maintenance adding around 150 jobs in the manufacturing, advertising and tech industries and around 650 support positions. 3 LinkNYC is a great project for many reasons. Not only will those old phone booths become a forgotten memory, they will be replaced with something more useful. The pylons will add free Wi-Fi around the New York City area, giving everyone access to public information, give tourist interactive maps to help them navigate the city and will offer free encrypted Wi-Fi to span over the entire city and its boroughs.   Also, the project will add over 600 positions to theNew York City area thus boosting the economy in the area. Another great thing about the project is that it is free Wi-Fi. With LinkNYC becoming a reality, soon other big cities should follow suit. Not only offering the city free Wi-Fi but offering stimulating the economy, adding jobs and changing the face of relics of times long gone.

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