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Apple iPad Pro or iPad Air Plus

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Apple has been working hard on its tablet sales, especially since their tablet sales have fallen four quarters in a row. What is new with the iPad? Well, there are rumors going around about a large 12.2” screen. What does this mean for the tablet industry? What are all the rumors saying? We will look at all the rumors in this one blog and let you read about all the rumors. I am unsure where Apple will take its new iPad but a 12.2 -inch iPad will be another addition to their long line of nice tablets.   It seems on November 28, 2014, rumors were met with leaked “Facts” about the upcoming newest iPad. The bigger iPad is rumored to be named either the iPad Pro or the iPad Plus. The leaked details includes a 12.2-inch LCD display and it would be roughly 12 x 9 x .28 inches but other rumors state that the display will be about 13 inches. Only time will tell about the size of the device. ipad-air-plus-mockup-1 The rumor is that it will be called the iPad Air Plus. The possible processing chip in the device is said to be the A9. The iPad Air Plus or iPad Pro will have speakers on top of the device as well as on bottom. This will increase the sound quality of the iPad. It is rumored that the iPad Air Plus or iPad Pro will look like the iPad Air (hence the name) and iPad mini. The iPad Air Plus or iPad Pro is rumored to meet the demands for larger screens. The rumored iPad Air Plus or iPad Pro is not really named yet, but the two choices are of course iPad Air Plus or iPad Pro. Writers are thinking that the name will be iPad plus, since there is the iPhone 6 Plus and Apple tends to keep the same theme throughout its products. iPad-Air-Pro-could-target-Surface-Pro-4 The point that Apple wants to make with their tablets is to enter the world where tablets can be used as workstations.   At the moment, iPad tablets do not have the capability of doing more than one task at a time, it does not have the functionality of a laptop and it is a bit small to do any kind of work with the device for a long period of time. The rumor is that the iPad Air Plus or iPad Pro will propel the iPad tablets into this market, giving people the power, niceness of an iMac Air or even the new Windows Surface tablets (which are really small portable laptops). The iPad Air Plus or iPad Pro has not been verified and all information are just rumors. Rumors have some truth to them but we will not know which rumors are real and which ones will go to the wayside.   With sales down for Apple tablets, Apple will be wanting to find a way to overcome this and become the number one tablet again and in a world where size is important, the bigger the screen, the better it will be to overtake the tablet market once again. ipad-pro-12.1-gadget-grave    

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