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Android One

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What is the Karbonn Sparkle V?  What is Android One? That is what I asked myself when I first saw this name. Karbonn is a smartphone maker from India that makes inexpensive smartphones. Android One was not made to for the western world. Android One is a Google backed project to bring smartphones of good quality to developing markets such as India. Google has stipulations on the Android One are as follows: that the smartphone has good specifications, stock Android and Android One smrtphone makers must make the devices upgradable to latest software for at least two years. Many inexpensive Android smartphones are bought and stuck on the Android software the device comes with and Google’s Android One is supposed to change this – they are similar to the Nexus device but cheaper and have many companies making the Android One devices. Karbonn is looking to expand its market to western countries and has released its newest smartphone: Sparkle V to the United Kingdom. Karbonn has plans to release several other smartphones as well. gsmarena_001 What is the Karbonn Sparkle V? What are the specifications of the Sparkle V? Well, lets take a look and see. The Karbonn Sparkle V was released in September 2014. The Sparkle V comes with dual SIM slots, is unlocked, and has a 4.5-inch IPS LCD screen. The chipset is Mediatek MT6582 with a quad-core 1.3 GHz Cortex A-7 processor. The Karbonn Sparkle V will have KitKat installed but will be upgradable to Android Lollipop. The internal storage of the Sparkle V is a dismal 4 GB but you can add a microSD card- up to 32 GB for more storage. As far as inexpensive smartphones, 4 GB is about average for internal storage. The Karbonn Sparkle V has 1 GB of RAM. android-one The Karbonn Sparkle V will have a 5-megapixel rear camera and a 2-megapixel front camera. The video quality is 720p. The front facing camera is good but the back is okay. The Karbonn Sparkle V is definitely not the best Android on the market but for around $200 U.S. dollars, it is a great buy with Android One backing the smartphone. Look out inexpensive smartphone makers such as ZTE and Alcatel have competition. DSC_3247 Even though the Karbonn Sparkle V has not made it to us yet, it is only a mater of time. The Karbonn Sparkle V may find a place in the United States among prepaid smartphones. With the backing of Android One, the Karbonn Sparkle V will also gain a following with those who want a Nexus but do not have the money for the Nexus. The Android One “plan” by Google is a great idea.  Giving smartphone companies a pure Android version for their phones is great. Google holding the companies- such as Karbonn with expectations is great as well. People can get a great smartphone- like the Karbonn Sparkle V and can keep their inexpensive smartphones longer than before! I just have a question: I wonder if the Kabonn Sparkle V is repairable or any of the Android One phones? If not Google should consider adding this stipulation to its Android One program.

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