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HTC’s Flagship Phone

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HTC has struggled with getting its piece of the smartphone pie. HTC has a great phone and those who buy HTC phones usually stay with HTC phones. December is not usually a time when smartphone companies announce “new” smartphones because they want you money on the phones out but HTC has leaked information about the upcoming HTC flagship phone. These are all just rumors but if half of them are true, then HTC will officially enter the ring and may beat Apple and Samsung. Let’s take a look at the specification of the new HTC flagship device (which are AMAZING). htc-onesilver3v-1361247455 First, HTC is thinking about changing the name of its flagship smartphone. The rumor has the device as the HTC One M9 but other rumors have the name as Hima. Whether the flagship device carries the One linage or HTC changes the name, one thing is for sure- it is going to be spectacular! HTC-M8-Life-Flagship-Smartphone-Coming-in-Q4-2014-with-5-5-Inch-QHD-Display-18MP-Camera-460470-2 Let’s discuss the smartphone. The rumors have the HTC flagship with a 5.5-inch QHD screen. If the screen stays the same as a HTC One M8, the flagship device will have 534 pixels per inch and that is pretty good. The HTC flagship device is rumored to come with Qualcomm’s newest Snapdragon 810 that were just released. HTC is looking at having an octa-core processor and will be 2.5 GHz.   Some rumors believe that the HTC flagship device will only be as powerful as the Samsung Galaxy Note 4.   The RAM will be three gigabytes matching the Note 4. The internal storage will be a possible 64 or 128 GB. This is to compete with Apple devices as well as Samsung that allows for additional storage through a microSD card. Now, we will get to the good stuff- the cameras. If the HTC flagship device comes with the camera rumored- it will be the BEST smartphone on the market. The front camera is rumored to be 13 megapixel while the rear camera is 20 megapixel. HTC will continue with its ultrapixel snapper technology, have an optical zoom, and continue the HTC duo camera feature. htc-one-upgrade-htc-m8-flagship-phone-expected-2014 The design is still up in the air, but rumors state that HTC will just tweak the HTC One M8’s body style. The rumors are plenty here- from a slimmer HTC to an all-metal HTC to a possible waterproof phone. Another rumor is that HTC’s flagship phone will be completely different in its design. The design is not set yet, so we will have to wait. How long will we have to wait? There is a possible release date of sometime in March 2015. Right before first quarter profits. The HTC flagship phone is going to be beautiful and full of AWESOME features. What would you do with the best front facing camera on the market? In the world of selfies, the 13-megapixel front camera will help propel the phone into the ring. The HTC flagship phone is one that Apple and Samsung need to pay attention as it is going to take the smartphone market by storm- but this is ONLY if the specifications stay true because without the specifications, the phone will probably fall flat as the Samsung Galaxy S5 did- updating a good phone is ok but turning a good phone into a spectacular phone is what sells.

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