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Asus ZenWatch Smartwatch

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Are you looking to buy a smartwatch? Looking at the different choices? Not to add one to your plate, but Asus ZenWatch is something that needs to be considered. Asus has a smartwatch? Yes Asus has a smartwatch and it has a great design. Asus is known for its computers and tablets and now it is coming out with a smartwatch called the ZenWatch. What are the specifications? What is good about the ZenWatch? gadget-grave-asus The Asus ZenWatch wants to be different and to stand out among the smartwatch department. The ZenWatch built its smartwatch based on non-smartwatch watches. The design of the Asus ZenWatch is not where this story ends; the specifications are good as well! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA The Asus ZenWatch has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 dual core 1.7 GHz processor.   The ZenWatch has 512 MB of RAM and 4 GB of internal storage. The specifications of this watch are like a small, inexpensive tablet. Yup- you read that right, the ZenWatch is about as powerful as an “entry-level tablet.” The display of the ZenWatch is just as nice. It is a rectangular curved AMOLED screen that is almost an inch diagonally. The resolution is a bit less than the Samsung Gear S. The screen is still beautiful and the watch is still a great idea. The size of the watch is ideal- it is just around 1 ½ x .3 inches and it weighs about 75 grams so it is sleek and will not feel out of place on your wrist- in place of your traditional watch. Also, the ZenWatch has a sweet leather strap and is secured with a quick release clasp. The watch body is all-metal and the leather band is Earthy give the ZenWatch a high-end feel. zenwatch-gadget-grave Asus ZenWatch uses Android Wear (this is Google’s OS for smartwatches) but with some nice tweaks to the OS system. The ZenWatch has an easy to use interface that is simple to navigate. The ZenWatch displays a traditional clock face but you can swipe from a side to display the menu. Also, you can tap on the screen or say “Ok Google” to view the Google voice search page and you can use OK Google to work the watch. The ZenWatch works with smartphones that have Android 4.3 or higher but if you use an Asus smartphone there are some features that are “bundled” with their own apps. There is a feature called Tap Tap that allows you to pick an app from your phone on your watch. Also, you do not have type in your code as long as you are Bluetooth range. The Asus ZenWatch is an unexpected smartwatch that will make you go hhhhmmmm…. The ZenWatch is packed with great specifications – for a watch and is beautifully crafted. The ZenWatch gives you what you want in a smartwatch and what you love about traditional watches. If you are in the market for a smartwatch, you need to take a look at the Asus ZenWatch because it blends technology with grace and will meet your needs in a smartwatch. Plus the ZenWatch retails at a great price: $199.99- not overly priced but not cheap. Go check out the Asus ZenWatch right now.

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