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Samsung Galaxy S5 Tips and Tricks

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The Samsung Galaxy S5 has a lot of useful bells and whistles; and the best thing about the Galaxy S5 is that you can personalize the Samsung anyway you want. I think that everyone should try out all the features so that you can see which ones work for you and which ones you would rather not use. This blog will give you a few useful features on what some of the cool features on available and how to use them. First feature is the One-Hand option. The Samsung Galaxy S5 is large and some people are intimidated by the size. This feature will describe ways to use the Galaxy S5 with just one hand! The one-handed option squeezes the screen you are using together so that you can use with just one thumb or finger. In order to turn this feature on, you will go to Setting and then to Sound and Display. From there, choose One-Hand operation. With this feature- you can slide your thumb on one side or the other to have access to everything on the screen. 13468215425_7dff2edf98_z-720x340 Another feature is Cinema Mode. This mode is for anyone who owns a Samsung Galaxy S5 and watches movies on the device.   Cinema mode renders the videos so that it is like watching on a television and not your Galaxy S5. The Cinema mode makes the colors, saturation and image as “normal” as possible on a smartphone. If you watch a lot of movies on the nice sized screen, then the Cinema mode is perfect for you- you can enjoy the quality of a television on your Galaxy S5.  To get to Cinema Mode, go to Settings, then Display and then choose Cinema. screenshot_2014-04-08-18-09-36 Another great feature is about the Smart Network Switch. The Smart Network Switch is great for those whose coverage is less than desired. What it does is makes sure your Samsung Galaxy S5 is always connected, by switching from Wi-Fi and data. This will keep you connected without any interruptions. This is great feature for those who are connected to – lets say your school’s or work’s network and it disconnects you- the Samsung Galaxy S5 will automatically keep you connected by making sure you connect to your mobile data. You can get to this option from the Wi-Fi section at the top of your Samsung Galaxy S5’s pull-down menu. Just make sure the box is checked marked. Another great feature is Smart Stay.   This feature was originally for the Samsung Galaxy S3 but Samsung realized it was a great feature and kept of for the Galaxy S5. This feature keeps Galaxy S5 users from constantly having to unlock the device to finish reading an article, watching a movie, ect. The feature, Smart Stay recognizes when someone is looking at the Galaxy S5 so the screen will stay on. You can access the feature by going to settings and then turning on Smart Stay. maxresdefault Another cool feature is the Smart Remote. This is no ordinary remote. The Samsung Galaxy S5 can be programed to your television service provider- such as Cox or AT&T Uverse. You can select your favorite channels and programs. Instead of looking through the channels, it will display your selection of favorite shows and you can hit the show and the television will turn to that channel. To activate it, go to the Smart Remote located in the app drawer. These features are a great way to maximize your Samsung Galaxy S5 features. Each one is great in its own way and the best thing is that if you do not like it, then you can turn it off but hey- give it a try.

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