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Have you ever wanted to have tips for your device, specifically, at your fingertips? Or how about the best games and apps for your phone? Have you heard of Drippler? If not, go directly to either Google Play or iTunes to download. This app is one of the coolest apps for your phone. Drippler compiles information about your type of phone into one location. You can see reviews, tips, tricks and cool games/apps for your smartphone. But how does it work? Let’s read further to discover how Drippler works. drippler-gadget-grave-2 When you download and install, the first screen that you come to- is of course- the sign in screen. You can sign in with Facebook (like most apps) or using Google+. Then Drippler analyzes your device. Drippler will show you, the make, model and carrier of your smartphone as well as the version of software your smartphone is running. So mine says Samsung Galaxy Note Edge, Android 4.4.4 (KitKat), Verizon Wireless. At the bottom, there is a question: Do you like games. After you read the analysis and make your selection to the question, you hit get started. drippler-gadget-grave-3 From there, Drippler populates apps pertinent to your device, games that work well with your smartphone as well as tips to help your smartphone reach its full potential. On any given day, I get several tips on using Note Edge, as well as neat tricks, which leads me to play and change my smartphone all the time. Without Drippler, I could do many of the tricks with time- but in this day in age, who has time? Also, don’t you hate going to a site looking for something about your smartphone and it is for a different smartphone? I do not have to worry about any of that with Drippler.   Another great thing about Drippler is that every time you like/dislike something, the app learns and gets smarter. The Drippler app uses all the data to become more efficient at bringing you the information that you want for your device. Everyday, it refreshes with new articles and you get to see what is new for your phone. Another great thing is that, with Drippler, you learn when you will get the next update or how to fix bothersome glitches. drippler-gadget-grave-4 Drippler is not just for Android either; you can get it from iTunes for your Apple smartphones. The Drippler app will detect your iPhone and tell you what model, GB of storage as well as the software version you have installed. As with Android’s Drippler, the app will be customized to suit your Apple device and as you like/dislike articles, tips and tricks; the Drippler app gets better at finding articles, tips and tricks that you will enjoy.   Drippler is a must for any techie out there or even for those, who are learning their smartphone for the first time. Since I have downloaded Drippler and used it, I have to admit it has been a great addition to my smartphone. The first time I downloaded Drippler, I had the Samsung Galaxy S5, when I changed to the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, it downloaded and detected I had a new smartphone- now it is on my Note Edge and I love the tips, tricks and even some of the games that Drippler suggests. Go ahead and try it, You will not regret it! drippler-gadget-grave-1  

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