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Samsung Galaxy S6 Camera

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Samsung heard the camera woes and worked to improve these woes with the Galaxy S6. The camera boot time is down to under a second to help catch those quick pictures. Samsung also brightened the camera with infrared white balance detection, which leads to better picture quality and less yellow. On top of this, you can read the following tips about the Galaxy S6 camera. Choose and use the ones you like and toss the ones you don’t like. samsung-galaxy-s6-gadget-grave-4 One feature is that you can choose the “Quick Launch” feature in the camera settings. When you select this, it allows you to double tap the “Home Button” and the camera will pop up quickly and allow you to shoot the picture. Another new feature is Tracking AF. Tracking AF you to select an object or persona dn the smartphone will keep up with the subject if it moves or if you move. To enable the feature, you can go to the settings menu in Camera app and switch the Tracking AF on. Another cool feature of the Samsung Galaxy S6 camera is that you can set up the camera to automatically pull up the picture you just took instead of hitting the little picture below. This is great and all you have to do is turn on the “Review Pictures” option in the Camera app’s setting menu. samsung-galaxy-s6-gadget-grave-3 Another feature of the Samsung Galaxy S6 camera is voice control. The voice controls commands do not have to just be shoot or capture. It can be smile or cheese and you can get your friends involved in the picture taking experience. If you prefer, you can have the settings recognize the volume buttons to take pictures, to video or to zoom I or out. To do this, all you have to do is go into the Camera settings and set the volume controls to be whatever you want it to be. Do you struggle with taking selfies? The Samsung Galaxy S6 has an answer to trying to snap a selfie. There are two different approaches to taking a selfie with the new Samsung Galaxy S6 camera. The first one is to hold your finger over the heart senor for two seconds; if you do not like that way- you can wave your had in front of the camera and the camera will countdown. Both will help with blurry pictures or trying to take the selfie with just one hand instead of two hands. samsung-galaxy-s6-gadget-grave-2 Another great new feature are for those individuals who love to take pictures and know how to do it professionally. The Samsung Galaxy S6 camera has added a professional mode. Under this mode, you can adjust the ISO, white balance, exposure and focus modes. These features will give those who love their digitial DSLR an experience with their smartphone and enhance their ability to take great photos with their smartphone. Lastly, Samsung has added MANY awesome apps that you can download for your Samsung Galaxy S6 camera. These include a surround shot- that takes a 360 degree picture, sound and shot- that records audio at the time the photo was taken. Also, there is a rear-cam selfie – that uses the rear camera and voice cues to take picture, a dual camera mode- where you can take a selfie and a picture from your rear camera, food shot- that is a macro-focus mode to bring out fine details and a sports shot- that selects focus and uses exposure settings for fast moving scenes. samsung-galaxy-s6-gadget-grave-1 The Samsung Galaxy S6 has an amazing camera and awesome features to boot. When you get your new Galaxy S6 or if you own one now- get into those camera settings and see all the possibilities for some of the best photos you can get on a smartphone.  

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