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Samsung Note Edge

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There are many reviews about the Samsung Note Edge. I have had my Note Edge for four months now and let me tell you- it is an AMAZING phablet! If you are in the market for a phablet- this is the phone to get, especially if you love the Note 3. What makes this phone so much better than the rest and what about the newest Samsung Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge? note-edge-gadget-grave-3 First and foremost, the Samsung Note Edge has the S Pen and all its features- something the newest (and really awesome) Samsung Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge does not come with. If you do not use the S Pen and it is the Note 3 or better, then you are missing out but if it something you do not or would not use- then skip to the Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge. As for the Note Edge, it is said that the Edge on the Note Edge has more features than the Galaxy S6 Edge.   What I can tell you about the edge on my Note Edge, is that the edge part has controls- for camera, video play, to answer the phone when the cover is closed and I can read text messages without opening the phone (it would be nice if I could respond without opening the cover). The edge encompasses my menu and I am here to tell you, that I LOVE having the menu on the edge part. The edge also has several different panels and you can add/subtract to the panels – and you can add and change the color, names and setup of your menu. It holds more than the old menu spot. note-edge-gadget-grave-2 Another great thing about the Note Edge is the beautiful display. The Quad HD Super AMOLED screen is GORGEOUS! The color saturation and clarity will turn heads- just go play with one on display- go to YouTube- watch the 4K videos and see GORGEOUSNESS of the Note Edge display! Do not stop there; you can video in Quad HD and UHD! This means that you can get GORGEOUS videos on your phone (you may need a nice sized SD card for that video!). Not only are the videos beautiful but also the picture quality is wonderful. My pictures displayed are clean, crisp and vibrant. The display does not degrade pictures taken professionally and it also takes great pictures (if you use your smartphone camera, this camera is a GREAT camera with good quality pictures!). note-edge-gadget-grave-1 The Note Edge is an improvement of the Note 3 but ten times better and it surpasses the Galaxy S5. The Note Edge is quick, loaded with similar features to the Galaxy S5- such as Samsung’s new security system. With the Note Edge, you can make/sign into your Samsung account. There is nothing that can be done with the device when it is logged into Samsung.   Also, you can go to and locate your phone, erase your device as well as lock it down so it cannot be accessed without a 4-digit pin. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA I am (admittedly) a phone junkie. Reading the scoop on the Galaxy S6/S6 Edge, I have momentarily stopped and thought about changing. But the differences are minimal- the Galaxy S6 is just a beefier version of the Note Edge- without the S Pen. I highly recommend the Note Edge and I do not think you will be disappointed in your purchase of a Note.  

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