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The S Pen

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Do you have a Samsung Note 4 or Note Edge? Have you ever wondered what to do with the S Pen and if it even has any use? The S Pen is a GREAT feature and I love mine. There are so many different features to the S Pen than just the usual ones that you may/may not know. Exploring the S Pen known and hidden features is a great way to discover what features work best for you and which features do not work for you. When you remove the S Pen from its cradle, there is a menu that appears. The menu has several features: Action Memo, Smart Select, Image Clip and Screen Write. Have you ever selected the wrong feature with your S Pen? It is ok! You can push the button on the S Pen and the menu with pop back up. the-s-pen-gadget-grave-3 Have you asked yourself what the purpose is of the Action Memo feature? I find the Action Memo as a great utensil for writing down important information, phone numbers quickly and even a grocery list. The Action Memo allows you to convert your information from the memo-into a contact- for those numbers you jot down quickly- to taking an address you scribbled down and finding it on Google Maps. You can “pin” the memos to your home page as well! This is one of my favorite features of owning a Note!   Another favorite feature is Smart Select. I use this S Pen feature to save tidbits of information or to send my employees select pieces of information that pertains to that specific employee. The Smart Select will even adds where you copied the information from in the text so that you can go back to the website. the-s-pen-gadget-grave-1 Image Clip is useful as well. Have you ever come across a picture on the web that you wanted to share? With the Image Clip and your S Pen, you can form a rectangular, circular or magnet selection of the picture. After you select the picture, you have the option of saving the image, sharing or both. There is no need to screenshot an entire screen for just one picture! the-s-pen-gadget-grave-2 Screen Write is the last S Pen feature in the S Pen menu. The Screen Write allows you to screenshot what is on your display and then write all over it. The Screen Write option has a wide variety of “pens” and formats to choose from. This is a great feature if you need to jot something down with a screenshot you are saving- like if you see something you want to make for your friend, you can screenshot the website with the S Pen, then jot down your friend and her favorite colors. the-s-pen-gadget-grave-4 These four options are not the limit of the S Pen! There are so many other things that the S Pen can do. If you do not like texting, you can use the S Pen to write the text and it will convert your handwriting to typing. You can use this feature with emails as well!  

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