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With the smartphones playing the “who has a better camera” it seems Apple has done something to try and propel itself “over the top.” Apple has recently purchases a camera tech company out of Israel named LinX. LinX most recent projects include multi aperture cameras that can do things like background blurred, 3D picture capabilities and other features that you can only get with a digital DSLR. linx-imaging-apple-gadget-grave-2 LinX works specifically for camera that will be small enough for smartphones and tablets, which is one of the reasons Apple purchased the company for around $20 million. LinX’s cameras could help with low light performance issues by making it easier to take photos indoors or outside when it is dusk or nighttime. You may, even, be able to take photos without a flash at night. One of the biggest features that LinX has been working on is selective focus after a picture has been taken. This is something that has become increasingly popular with modern devices and Apple will be able to use this technology in its future devices. Another feature Apple has from LinX is that its multi aperture design that produces the best results in low-lit environments, in HDR mode and maintaining the color fidelity of every day pictures. linx-imaging-apple-gadget-grave-3 What will Apple do with this technology? For one, the small, slim sized module is great for everything Apple makes- from Notebooks to tablets to smartphones. The camera’s technology will enhance the picture quality of Apple’s products and propel its products to the frontline. Also, by purchasing LinX, it earns all the rights of LinX and this can keep competitors, such as Samsung, from owning the technology or gaining access to the technology. Since Samsung produces cameras, it is probably safe but LinX has done something other camera makers have not, and that is making- for right now- the best camera for smartphones on the market. linx-imaging-apple-gadget-grave-4 So why does all this matter? LinX has made picture-taking sharper, prettier and the lens on the smartphone or tablet (or even computer) is smaller. This means that the camera lens will NOT be sticking out. Wow, you will not have to worry about the lenses breaking if you drop your camera. If you are not following, it will mean no more protruding cameras on Apple products. The sleekness of the LinX cameras will fit into the new slim design of the Apple iPhones. linx-imaging-apple-gadget-grave-5 Last year, LinX released its first SLR camera for smartphones. The LinX camera is a 8mpix, with dual aperture and two 4-megapixel sensors with a 2.0 micron backside illumination pixels. When you compare this camera with the iPhone 5/5S camera- the LinX camera- even with smaller megapixels, was brighter and clearer and did not have as much noise. Also, the LinX camera had great detail even when you zoom in. LinX is also working on using its technology to take “3D” pictures, and do depth mapping. linx-imaging-apple-gadget-grave-1 LinX is a great buy for Apple. Not only does LinX have great technology and ideas, but it will help Apple prefect its cameras in its device. LinX cameras are coming soon and I cannot wait to see this technology in action.

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