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Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Rumors

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Samsung Galaxy Note 5, YES PLEASE!!   Being a lover of Samsung devices- I have had the Galaxy S3, Galaxy S5, Note 3 and now the Note Edge (which is AWESOME!!)- I am WAY too excited for the release of the Galaxy Note 5.   What will Samsung do to continue to climb and corner the market for phablets? Lets take a look together, and do not look at me, as I drool.. note-5-gadget-grave-1 One thing Samsung has learned from the release of the Galaxy S5 then the Note 4 Note Edge and Galaxy S6 is that it is either go BIG or go home. With the disappointing sales on the Galaxy S5 (I do not know why, it is a GREAT phone), Samsung made a rebound with the release of the Galaxy Note 4 and the Note Edge as well as the success of the Galaxy S6/Edge. But this girl cannot wait to get her hands on the up and coming Note 5! Why you ask? Because the Note series, beginning with the Galaxy Note 3, has offered some great features that you cannot get with just any smartphone or phablet. PLUS the rumored Samsung Galaxy Note 5 pictures put this phone on top. note-5-gadget-grave-3 It is rumored that the Galaxy Note 5 will be upgraded from the UHD display to a real 4K display! The Galaxy Note 5 Edge is rumored to have 4K dual edge screen. The Galaxy Note 5 is rumored to have a slightly larger screen as well. Other rumors note that the Galaxy Note 5 will boast wireless charging technology, an upgraded camera that is supposed to be a “professional” camera plus an improved battery life! The pictures show a sleek, possible unibody design and are thinner than the predecessors. I cannot wait to see and touch this phone. note-5-gadget-grave-2 Other possible features include an Exynos chipset or it could be the upcoming Snapdragon 820 chipset (or maybe both). The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 may even include 4 GB of LPDDR4 RAM. Another rumor is that since the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 will not come out until after September, then it may include a new edition of Android that Google is planning on releasing sometime mid-year.   The Galaxy Note 5 will continue to Samsung’s Note legacy as well as continuing the success of the Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 Edge sales. If the Note 5 is anywhere near what the rumors state, then the Galaxy Note 5 will send its competition to the corner and Samsung will continue to dominate the phablet world. note-5-gadget-grave-4 With all this technology advancements, I do wish the rumors discussed some of the features- such as the dual curved screen and the S Pen. Both features on the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge are GREAT and I love these features. I love the convenience of the menus on the edge, controls of music, caller ID as well as the ability to read my text – maybe with the Note 5 Edge, you will be able to answer text messages of the edge part of the phone and maybe the S Pen features will increase and make it more valuable to the Samsung Note line. Either way, this girl CANNOT wait to see and test out the new Galaxy Note 5. Hurry up to the end of the year!  

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