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Samsung Galaxy S6 tips part 2

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The great thing when you got an Apple device was iCloud and the ability to locate your Apple device from your computer. There are some amazing features on the Samsung Galaxy S6 now that helps Samsung compete with rival smartphones. First, there is a way to track your phone, erase it over the Internet as well as lock it down. This feature started in the Galaxy S5 and continued into Samsung’s new smartphones. With the Galaxy S6, you need to go to Android Device Manager. This is located under settings, the security, then Android Device Manager. You will need to toggle the “switch” from off to the on position on the following:   “Remotely locate this device” and “Allow remote lock and factory reset.” If you go to the following website: you can locate your device. (When I did this, with my Note Edge, it located my exact location at the hospital- as in where I was inside the hospital.). At the website for Android Device Manager, you can “ring, lock and erase” your phone. samsung-galaxy-S6-tips-part-2-1 Another security feature of the Samsung Galaxy S6, is the fingerprint scanner. If you choose to set-up the Fingerprint scanner, then you can use your fingerprint to unlock your phone. This makes your phone pretty secure. According to bloggers, the fingerprint scanner on the Samsung Galaxy S6 is a definite improvement over the Samsung Galaxy S5’s fingerprint scanner. In order to register your fingerprint, you have to go to “Lock screen and Security” under Settings. From there, you touch “Fingerprint” and then hit the plus sign to add your fingerprint. Follow the directions to “record” your fingerprint into the device. When you set up your fingerprint, you will have to set up a backup password- just in case the fingerprint scanner quit working or you are in a freak accident and burn off your fingerprints. Unlike previous Galaxy S models, the Galaxy S6 fingerprint scanner just requires you to hold the home button with the appropriate finger. samsung-galaxy-S6-tips-part-2-2 Another cool tip is Private Mode. Private Mode allows you to hide any information that you do not want others to see. To use Private Mode, you first select your files- from photos, videos to music and even information found in your browser and files. You can select multiple items that you want to hide from others. In the upper right corner, you select move to private. When you get everything placed into Private Mode, you have to go and turn on Private Mode. You can do this by going under settings, then Privacy and Safety. Look for Private Mode and toggle it to on or off, as needed.   Another security feature for the Samsung Galaxy S6 is that you setup the SOS function. This function, on command will send your emergency contacts a SOS message, When this function is on, you can tap the power button 3 times consecutively and it will send a message to your listed emergency contacts.   Lastly, there is Emergency Mode. Emergency Mode places your phone is power saving mode- it is better than the Ultra Power Saving Mode and in a pinch, you can use it to save battery life. It turns off the screen as well as background data so that you can still have service. To access Emergency Mode, long press the power button and select Emergency Mode from the menu that pops up. samsung-galaxy-S6-tips-part-2-3 Remember, these are just tips to help you understand your Samsung Galaxy S6’s features. Use the one that work for you and forget the ones that don’t.

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