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Have you heard of Cyanogen? If you love to root your Android phone, you no doubt do but for those that do not, they are a company that made an Android that was not attached to the Google Play Store or other Google services. Cyanogen is an open source form of Android allowing developers to build, tweek and make a better operating system. Cyanogen-gadget-grave-1 Cyanogen is working on having its version of Android on smartphones and wants to be the Android people want. Cyanogen has now partnered with Microsoft and this could mean something big for both companies. The partnership with Microsoft will add Microsoft products in Cyanogen devices, sometime this year. Cyanogen-gadget-grave-2 Cyanogen teaming up with Microsoft has allowed products such as Skype, Office and Outlook to be part of the Cyanogen programing in smartphones. Microsoft will develop versions of these apps along with other apps for the Cyanogen operating system- similar to the apps it created for the Amazon Fire operating system.   Cyanogen has stated that the smartphones will not have every app as bloatware on its smartphones, but many will need to be downloaded. A representative for Cyanogen has stated that with Cyanogen being “user choice” open operating system, that Cyanogen needs to provide the best apps available but the Microsoft apps will be apart of the system but users will be able to pick and choose which apps to download and install. [caption id="attachment_6665" align="alignnone" width="689"]SONY DSC SONY DSC[/caption] Cyanogen is possibly getting a $70 million investment from Microsoft but did not name where all of its $80 million funds have come from. With Android, it is usually synonymous with Google but with Microsoft backing Cyanogen- then the tides are turning and it adds creditability to Android as not only being a “Google” thing.   When you go the Cyanogen home page, the first thing you see is this: “What Matters to Us. Under “What Matters to Us,” there is “Openness” and to Cyanogen, this means that with openness, it benefits everyone and the growth and possibilities increase. Cyanogen wants to revolutionize the mobile operating system to an open platform. Next is Community. Community to Cyanogen is a group of makers, modders and freethinkers, and that this is Cyanogen’s foundation. Lastly, is Experience; and Cyanogen sees the mobile experience as being fluid and intuitive in the upcoming years. Cyanogen believes that with more openness then you excel progress. Asus-Zenfone-2-gadget-grave-4 With Cyanogen beginning with its own Android on smartphones, it has the potential to take over the market. Cyanogen went from almost nothing to being one of the top “roots” for Android devices. The company, Cyanogen has been around for just a few years but is vastly popular among Android users. Cyanogen is pure Android and allows even MORE customization because you are stuck with the bloatware from carriers, phone makers and Google. Cyangen-gadget-grave-5 Cyanogen partnering with Microsoft is a big deal. It is a big deal for Cyanogen- as it gets much needed funds, access to cellphone makers and gains creditability. For Microsoft, Cyanogen helps Microsoft gain access to Android users, gives Microsoft another platform for their apps and maybe gives them a future in which to build a lasting, mutual partnership.  

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