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Samsung Smartphone processing chips

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Conquering the world of smartphones is a top priority for all smartphone makers. Samsung is not leaving any stone unturned. Samsung is the world’s largest maker of smartphones and televisions but Samsung does not want to stop there. With the quest to become the best of the best, Samsung has spent about $15 billion to open a semiconductor factory so that Samsung can begin to work on processing chips for smartphones. Samsung-gadget-grave-1 Samsung is proving that Moore’s Law- that processing power improves leaps and bounds over previous models- every two years by making sure that it continues to climb the success ladder- and to become the World’s best processing chip maker. Samsung already is the largest vendor of memory chips but when it comes to processing, Samsung falls short- under Intel. Samsung-gadget-grave-2 Processing chips of the future, are expected to become smaller while becoming faster. The company that can develop the smallest, fastest processing chip at the time, can gain the most customers thwarting the competition. Samsung-gadget-grave-6 Samsung plans on spending money to become the first to build the smallest and fastest processing chips for smartphones. When you are first in technology, it means that you can have an advantage at excelling and improving the processing chip you have made. Samsung wants its processing chips to surpass Intel and to become the most widely used processing chips in the world. Samsung-gadget-grave-3 The problem with becoming the best of the best when processing chips are in the cross hairs is that it is extremely expensive and you must stay on top of what is what in order to stay competitive with the processing chips. The cost can limit businesses from being able to develop the most cutting edge product.   Semiconductor factories start out at about 10 billion dollars to build and fund but is a must in order to gain the lead in processing chips. Samsung-gadget-grave-4 With Samsung smartphone processing chips gaining another competitor, development will quicken and techies worry about a chip processing bubble. It has happened in most aspects. At the moment though processing chip sales have jumped 16 % to over $45 billion dollars in sales for 2014. Samsung has surpassed TSMC for 2nd place, but in the tech industry, 2nd place is still losing.   Samsung used its 14-nanometer chip in the new Samsung Galaxy S6, and the phone is set to possibly be the fastest phone on the market as well as the most popular phone out in the market. Samsung is focused on continuing to surpass the competition and due to this desire; Nvidia has contracted Samsung for their chips, dumping TSMC. Samsung-gadget-grave-5 Samsung wants to dominate the smartphone market and is doing so in many ways. Samsung not only has produced one of the best phones on the market- with the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge- but also has now successfully developed a GREAT processing chip. If Samsung continues to push the processing chip envelope, then not only will processing chips get better but also Samsung will live its goal of conquering the smartphone world. What will be next?

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