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4K Smartphones

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We all love our new Quad HD screens on our smartphones. The display is gorgeous and you think wow… is there anything better? Qualcomm says yes and it will be coming soon. Get ready for the next big thing in smartphones- 4K screens and it will take you to a pixel size that no man has gone before. Qualcomm has not said exactly when but that it is coming real soon- just right around the corner. 4k-smartphones-gadget-grave-2 When Apple debuted its iPhone 4, apple introduced Retina display, which means that the screen is good that the pixels disappear. With this technology, the smartphone industry has developed ultra high-resolution displays- such as the newest Quad HD. 4k-smartphones-gadget-grave-4 4K resolution in smartphones are rumored to hit the market in 2015. The 4K display will make you think that Quad HD is nothing. At the moment, flagship smartphones are coming out with the Quad HD and next year, they will come out with 4K. What does all this mean? Quad HD means that on an average screen, there are 3.7 million pixels and you cannot see the pixels with the naked eye. 4K will not be about the amount of pixels on the screen as much as it is the new standard for video- this involves everything from the chipset, to compressing the file to how it is transmitted in the file system.   Qualcomm Technologies Co-president Murthy Renduchintala says that 4K “will take off when you think of it being enabled by an ecosystem.” What Renduchintala means is that it is not about the phone screen that makes 4K the next best thing but about how your data is captured and what your phone does with this data. This “ecosystem” is already taking shape in the Sony Xperia Z3 and the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 as they are able to video in 4K. This quality can be seen on 4K televisions but there are not many other devices that you can watch 4K videos on. 4k-smartphones-gadget-grave-25 4K smartphones will help mobile devices keep up with consoles. As games become more complex and are in 4K quality, smartphones will need to stay up with the technology t stay competitive with the consoles. Also, 4K smartphones will help with virtual reality. The resolution in 4K for virtual reality will be clear and you might be able to see pixels if your phone was within a inch of your eyeball. 4k-smartphones-gadget-grave-1 Qualcomm believes that when 4K becomes the standard for videos, you will be able to see the difference between Quad HD and 4K screens. The difference may seem minute to the naked eye but it will change the quality for everything. 4K smartphones will be coming soon and they will not completely low your mind away but it will definitely show you a better picture.   4K smartphones are set to be the wave of the future for mobile devices. There are already 4K video-recording, 4K televisions, so it is time for 4K to come to the smartphone industry. There is a difference and the difference will be seen in the gaming and virtual reality world. Keep your eye out for the next best thing. See video below:

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