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Humble Bundle

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Ever heard of Humble Bundle? How about Humble Indie Bundle? I hadn’t either until my son asked if he could “buy a set of games” with the proceeds going to a children’s hospital of his choice. I was concerned about this but soon realized that it is a great place to get game downloads at great prices.   You can download in Steam as well. The games are high quality and they have added books as well. humble-bundle-gadget-grave-1 Humble Bundle is a site that offers a “series of digital collections” several different ways. There are games that are “name your own price,” games that cost $10 and you get certain game titles and other “games” that are downloaded and the proceeds help charities. You get to determine what charities receive money from you “donation.” Also, there are “marathon games” where you gather donors and stay up and play all-night to earn money for charities. My son did this Fundraiser for Arkansas Children’s Hospital. humble-bundle-gadget-grave-3 Humble Bundles started in 2010 and is still privately owned company out of San Francisco, CA. At first, Humble Bundle made strictly PC downloads but has expanded to include MAC, Linux and Android platforms. The company has earned more than $50 million to date and has donated over $20 million to charities.   The Humble Bundle “weekly Bundle” tab has a list of games. There are a couple of games that if you pay at least that amount- they are added to the download. At the bottom, of the page, there is a payment with listed amounts or a custom amount. You enter your email and then select a payment method.   The Books Bundle tab at Humble Bundle is set up the same way. The books are audiobooks and you can listen to them on any MP3 device. As with the games, you can pay as little or as much as you want. There are audiobooks on the site that – if you pay over a certain amount, they are added to your selection. humble-bundle-gadget-grave-4 There is not much information given about the Mobile Bundle coming soon to Humble Bundle . I am sure it will be great and full of awesome apps that my kids are going to want. And with part of the proceeds going to great causes, it will be easy to purchase apps for mobile devices from Humble Bundle.   The Humble Store offers games for a price. Some on sale, some full price but all are great quality. There are thousands of games to choose from, ranging from Assassin’s Creed Unity to Costume Quest 2.   Humble Bundle is a safe and secure site. Humble Bundle offers weekly deals on games with bundles at GREAT prices, “name your own price” and donates about one-third of its profits to charities. It is a great way to introduce your children to raising money for charities as well as getting games for good prices. It is great to see a company with profits around $50 million donating over $20 million to organizations such as Feed America, Children’s organizations and Red Cross. humble-bundle-gadget-grave-5 If you are looking for an inexpensive option to receive LEGAL digital downloads, Humble Bundle is a place for you. The games and books are cool, it is not overly expensive AND a good portion of the profits goes to great causes. Hurry and head over there and check it out:

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