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Computer Repair

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Computer problems can be super frustrating. Even if your computer is under warranty it can seem like the manufacturer is only interested in selling you something else like an extended service plan etc... We technicians have been in the computer repair business for 20+ years and we know what your going through as we have had to repair our own from time to time. computer-repair-gadget-grave-4 The answers to problems are not always simple and sometimes a simple issue can require multiple troubleshooting techniques to resolve. There are an infinite amount of problems out there that can keep you from getting school, work or just relaxation done and we can solve most of them! Our goal is to be the best computer repair around. computer-repair-gadget-grave-1 Computer repair is by far a specialized field. While there are many issues that can be solved by a simple Google search, this isn't accomplished easily if the problem is that your computer can't access the internet, again with the frustration! So why not just take that crazy computer of yours down and get it repaired somewhere? The fact is that many computer repair shops are expensive or they take forever to get it back to you. The great thing about Gadget Grave computer repair is that we specialize in customer service and we can typically get your computer back to you in a couple of days barring any parts orders. Most of the computers we see that have miscellaneous software issues can be solved in a matter of 48hrs and most times even quicker than that. [caption id="attachment_6771" align="alignnone" width="689"]Hands installing computer parts Hands installing computer parts[/caption] So whats the big secret, doesn't it seem like computer repair is an easy thing to do. I mean we probably just sit in a big leather rolling chair all day and watch youtube videos and surf facebook and occasionally actually repair a computer. The truth of the matter is that computer repair can consume quite a bit of time, mostly because of the time it takes to rebuild damaged areas of an OS that can be caused by a million different things. When we aren't working on your computer we are learning new things, developing new tools and putting together the best used computers around for sale, you know the ones with 180 day warranties that we have in the front of the store! We know what we want in a computer and the only ones we sell in the store are perfectly up to par with those requirements. computer-repair-gadget-grave-3 If your computer is not doing exactly what you think it should be or is just behaving strangely bring it in. Our service fee starts off at $29.99 and it goes towards the cost of whatever computer repair we do. We strive to keep our prices competetive and our computer repair second to none. Our philosophy is to take care of our customers and the rest will come naturally. So for the price of that service fee you get a diagnosis and we will tell  you up front how much its going to cost up front.  

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