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Features that you should turn off on a Samsung Smartphone

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Features that you should turn off on a Samsung Smartphone... Samsung and its TouchWiz has SO many features that there is not another device that can match it. Getting the latest Samsung smartphones means there are features that come out of the box you should turn off or change. There are six common features that come standard and how to turn off these features. samsung-features-gadget-grave-1 First, is the “water droplet” sounds that Samsung smartphones. The water droplet sound was introduced on the Samsung Galaxy SIII and has carried on through all the newest smartphones. This feature is can be turned off by doing the following steps. First, go to your settings, then click sound. From there pick touch sounds and then toggle the switch to off. samsung-features-gadget-grave-2 Secondly, we all know that whistle notification alert. How many times have you heard the Samsung whistle go off and check your Samsung smartphone in a restaurant, department store or at work? Well, it is really easy to change the notification sound. Complete the following steps to change your notification sound on your Samsung smartphone. First, you will go to settings and then sound. Choose “Notifications” from the menu and choose another sound for your notification. samsung-features-gadget-grave-3 Next, you should learn about the S voice. Introduced in the Samsung Galaxy SIII, the S voice has improved drastically but if you do not use it, then you do not need to short cut. The S Voice shortcut on Samsung smartphones is to long press the home button. This can be disabled making the home button more responsive. To disable the S voice short cut, long press the Home button until the S Voice pops up. From there, select the Menu key and then select settings. Next, you will uncheck the box that states: “Open via the home key.” This will cause the Samsung smartphone Home button to respond immediately instead of wait to see if you want the S Voice. samsung-features-gadget-grave-4 Next, you can remove the Magazine from your left home screen page. The My Magazine is on all Samsung smartphones and is Samsung’s version of Flipboard. If you do not use, you can long-press on an empty home screen space and then pressing the “Home screen settings.” When the menu pulls up, uncheck My Magazine. Another one is that wonderful Samsung smartphone lock screen sound. If you do not like this sound, then you can turn it off. It is easy and requires you to once again, access Sound from the Settings widget. From there, select screen lock and turn it off. Lastly, you can choose what is displayed in your Gallery on your Samsung smartphone. Samsung Smartphones automatically select to display all pictures from Picassa as well as other apps. You can easily decide what to display. First, you hit the menu button and then select “content to display” and then you uncheck all the places you do not want to display pictures from. This will speed up your Gallery as well as de-clutter your pictures. samsung-features-gadget-grave-5 There are so many features that you can change on your Samsung smartphone. Start playing with your device and work on customizing your Samsung smartphone to fit your personality and lifestyle and love you Samsung smartphone even more.

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