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Qualcomm is the manufacturer of the famous Snapdragon chipset that is found in high-end smartphones such as Samsung Galaxy series. Qualcomm is not stopping with its dominance over mobile devices but is trying to infiltrate your life. Qualcomm is working on chipsets for wearables, cars, appliances and many more. So what does this mean? qualcomm-gadge-grave-5 Qualcomm started out as a behind the scenes type but Qualcomm beat out Texas Instruments in- not just powering your smartphone but running your CPU, GPU and connectivity to your carrier- all in one package. Qualcomm’s Snapdragon technology helped spring other smartphones into the market to compete with Apple.   From this, Qualcomm’s next step would be to power anything that works with the smartphones. The step into Qualcomm powering cars, wearables and other necessities in your life is because Qualcomm wants to dive into mew markets; these new markets not only are already being bought and sold but with the right technology could eventually connect your stuff together.   Qualcomm has developed a smartwatch called the Toq. Qualcomm’s Toq combines what you like about health trackers with color screens that are always on and still lasts several day PLUS Qualcomm’s watch charges wirelessly. Qualcomm’s wirelessly charging is slowly showing up in smartphones. Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 400 is used in Samsung, LG and even Asus Android devices. Soon wearable smartwatches are likely to follow but there are not specific chips for these devices yet- they are using the same chipsets as the smartphones. qualcomm-gadge-grave-3 Qualcomm’s idea is to change- let’s say your car. At the moment, Qualcomm connects you to OnStar but Qualcomm wants to take it farther. Qualcomm wants to modernize dashboards, backseat entertainment centers and connect the whole car as you would your phone with your smartwatch. Connecting your car to your smartphone will be even better than through Bluetooth or changing movies on your DVD system for small children. qualcomm-gadge-grave-4 Another facet that Qualcomm is working on is virtual reality. Qualcomm is the chip set in the Oculus VR as well as Samsung. In the Samsung Note 4, Qualcomm helped Samsung obtain a frame rate of 60 FPS that was smooth and it balanced power efficiency. Qualcomm helping smartphones reach virtual reality and then 4K will be next on smartphones.   Qualcomm has helped the Android phones gain momentum in the smartphone market. Qualcomm has taken its chipset from just ordinary to extraordinary. Now, Qualcomm will try and help revolutionize the other parts of your life. From wearables to items in your home, Qualcomm will continue to try and make your stuff work better and faster. qualcomm-gadge-grave-2 Qualcomm is focusing on creating integrated chipsets for your wearables (instead of using mobile devices chipsets), in your vehicle to try and make life easier there and eventually into your kitchen. Placing a Qualcomm chipset in your appliances could allow you to connect to your stove from your smartphone. This could mean pre-heating your stove from work or on your way home OR even starting the stove from your bedside so you can cook breakfast. qualcomm-gadge-grave-1 Qualcomm has come a long way and will continue to not only lead in the smartphone business but will infiltrate other aspects of our lives integrating our lives even more.

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