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Galaxy S6 Tips

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With the release of the new Samsung Galaxy S6 smartphone, there are some things you should know. This article will begin with some basic tips to help you get the best that the Galaxy S6 has to offer. First, the Galaxy S6 is the “flagship” device that the Galaxy S5 should have been. It is metal and glass- with the new Gorilla Glass 4. The battery is not removable anymore- but do not worry, Samsung has your back. Review the tips below, the great thing with Android, you can use the features you want and ignore the ones that you do not like or want to use. galaxy-tips-gadget-grave-1 The first tip is about charging. The Galaxy S6 allows for wireless charging. The great thing is that there are no wires to worry about breaking and you do not need extra “things” to charge wirelessly. If you need to charge the battery quickly- then Samsung has you covered there as well. Another tip is that the Galaxy S6 can charge for 10 minutes on the fast charger and you can turn around and watch a two-hour movie! Leave it on the charger and have a full charge in less than two hours. This is a great feature that is also available for the Galaxy Note 4/Edge and I love it! galaxy-tips-gadget-grave-2 Another great tip for the Galaxy S6 is that you can get 100GB of OneDrive storage from Microsoft. The 100GB requires you to sign up for a Microsoft OneDrive account but then you will access to the storage- which is great since the Galaxy S6 does not have external memory. BUT before you freak out- do not worry- the Galaxy S6 offers fast flash memory with the new built-in UFS flash memory card that is FASTER than any memory card.   With the new design, there is no more removable battery- so please do not try and remove the battery- and this brings us to another tip. This tip is how to reset your phone without removing battery. If your Galaxy S6 freezes up, do not panic. What you need to do is perform a soft reset. How is that accomplished? You will hold down the button along with the button at the same time for ten seconds. THIS WILL NOT ERASE YOUR DATA but will power off the device and allow the device to reboot. galaxy-tips-gadget-grave-3 A new, really cool tip is how to use the Smart Manager app. This is a new feature for Samsung and it allows you to see battery usage, RAM, storage and security information in one spot. The battery manager will tell you how long your battery is will last AND let you know what features are draining your battery. The storage section of the Smart Manager app lets you see what is taking up storage and gives you an option to clear useless data. Lastly, the security screen lets you see if there have been any changes made without your knowledge and you can enable KNOX and use your phone for work through the Smart Manager app. galaxy-tips-gadget-grave-4 These tips are just the tip of the iceberg. With all the new features of the Galaxy S6, look for more Galaxy S6 tips. As with anything, use what you want and works for you and toss out all the rest.

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