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Fujisawa, The Sustainable City

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Panasonic has done something that no one else has; built an entire city that is sustainable. The city still uses water, fuel and electricity but efficiently. Panasonic built a sustainable city just outside Tokyo that is experimenting with sustainable designs. You should look at this town; it could become the wave of the future. What does this town offer? Every house and business in the town has solar panels and batteries for storing extra energy. The lights are LED and there is a ride-sharing service to promote commuting with your peers. Fujisawa, the sustainable city, also offers a kitchen with workshops and events that is centralized; the idea was to have a place for meetings with residents and guest that was centralized and everyone had access. Fujisawa is not just a sustainable city but also a smart-town. Fujisawa is one that combines lifestyles with technology to improve life for the people living in Fujisawa and for the land. Fujisawa-Sustainable-City-gadget-grave-4   The sustainable town has just opened up and residents are just now moving in and there was a ceremony at the community center- this is also where the town management company’s office is as well. The sustainable city will be studied and data collected to see what is working and what is not so that adjustments can be made- if needed. Prominent banks, businesses have joined Panasonic in the building and support of Fujisawa as the first sustainable city. Fujisawa-Sustainable-City-gadget-grave-5 December embarked on another part of the sustainable city’s life, it will introduce electric cars. The cars are to be test-driven and to work with the solar power generated within the city. The major point of this, is to see and show that you can make and store your own electricity and do not need electricity from coal produced plants or even nuclear. Fujisawa-Sustainable-City-gadget-grave-2 Panasonic did leave land to be developed, as the Fujisawa needs to be expanded. With the support Fujisawa has, it will be no time that expansion is needed. The development of Fujisawa will, hopefully, lead to more futuristic cities and will increase the energy efficiency of other cities like New York. Building sustainable cities is not a new concept, but there are none at the magnitude of Fujisawa. Fujisawa-Sustainable-City-gadget-grave-3 In other countries, sustainable cities have become real life labs to test out different technologies and to see what will work and what will not work.   As it becomes necessary to try and find sustainable resources, having the technology built into one town is a great idea. Building sustainable cities that use less outside resources and offer choices that do not comprise your lifestyle is something that people want. As Fujisawa develops, grows and becomes (hopefully) a fully sustainable city – the future of cities will change and soon, we can add this technology to big cities such as Houston. Fujisawa-Sustainable-City-gadget-grave-1 Fujisawa has just recently opened its town to individuals to move in, I hope that the Fujisawa grows, does not use electricity from an outside source and follows through with limiting the resources used by one city. The more we learn what works and what does not work, the easier it will be for the world to become sustainable cities.

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