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Lenstag Camera Protection

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If you’re a seasoned photographer or like to protect your gear have I got a solution for you! Keeping your valuable camera gear safe is a must, I really wouldn’t want my gear stolen and this will help. Lenstag camera protection is a free security service that was created in response to raising photography gear thefts. So far it seems to be working really well, so now it seems like a good idea to start using it for sure. lenstag-gadget-grave-1 With Lenstag recovering stolen technology has never been so easy. Like so many of our devices, like smartphones and computers they either come with built in GPS, or Wi-Fi to locate their position. This is similar to Apple’s find my iPhone it helps track where your phone is and, if it gets lost or stolen, you can be able to recover it. All cameras are different. Even the with the models that come with built-in GPS can only use it to add that information to photos, but cannot broadcast the camera’s actual position. What all cameras do have is a serial number that gets embedded in every photo they take. In all high-end cameras with interchangeable lenses, the lenses are also embedded with a serial number. This means that every photo can be traced back to the gear that took it.When you are setting up Lenstag, you will add your gear’s serial number to your account. Now If any of your gear gets stolen, you can inform Lenstag and they will add it to their database of stolen gear. lenstag-gadget-grave-2 How Lenstag works is it uses a browser extension to automatically check the images on all webpages for serial numbers. If even one of them is in Lenstag’s database of stolen gear, the owner gets notified. At this moment Chrome is the only browser with the extension, but it should be coming to other browsers soon. If you are interested in helping to stop camera theft, you can join us and download the Lenstag browser extension from the Chrome Store. To use Lenstag you need to create an account and register your gear. You can use either the Lenstag website or the Lenstag app which is available for iOS and Android. Now to add your gear, you enter each item’s make, model and serial number. To confirm you own it, you have to take a picture of the serial number and it is compared with the one you entered at Lenstag. When it gets the OK, that piece of gear is assigned to you in their database. If your gear does happen to get stolen, you can use the app or the website to report it. Lenstag will then add the serial number to their list of stolen gear. If you want to sell any of your gear, you can use the Lenstag app to transfer your gear to another Lenstag account. If the person buying your gear does not have one, they’ll need to create one and you can transfer your gear to them.


Lenstag is an awesome service that helps make gear theft unprofitable for any thief. If you’re a photographer, you need this, so get on over to Lenstag and get registered.

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