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The Apple Watch

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Apple has released the Apple Watch’s software development kit. The Watch’s development kit is not just for coders and gives one an inside look at the design of the watch. The Apple Watch will come in a large 42mm watch and a smaller 38mm watch. There will three different versions; all available in two different finishes. The first one will be the Apple Watch and it will be a polished stainless steel case. The Watch Edition will be made from 18k yellow or rose gold. The Apple Watch will be scratch-resistant sapphire crystal glass that will be anti-glare as well. The third Apple Watch will be the Watch Sport and it will be made from the lightweight material anodized aluminum plus a lightweight, scratch and impact resistant Ion-X glass screen. The great thing about the Apple Watch collection is that the watch bands will be interchangeable and will come in may different designs. Band styles include everything from linked metal to leather bands to colorful bands. Each Watch band will have unique fasteners. Rumors have 18 different styles of the Watch, which ten will be for the Watch Sport and six dedicated to the Watch Edition. You will be able to change the watch face to fit different environments.  ( apple-watch-gadget-grave-5 The Apple Watch show eleven different ways to the Watch’s face. These include everything from your pictures to Mickey Mouse. All will be customizable by colors, features and elements that you want on the watch.  ( apple-watch-gadget-grave-3 The Apple Watch will sense when you are lifting your wrist and will turn on the display. Apple calls this technology “Digital Crown” and it uses the crown side of the Watch to it will control lists, zooms and other things as well. The screen is said to be sensitive between pressures and can tell if you are tapping or pressing. Apple calls this “force Touch” and it gives the watch the right style alternative of control to know when you are want to display menus or other options. apple-watch-gadget-grave-2 A neat feature of the Apple Watch is that you can “tap” your watch and it will “tap” your friend’s Apple Watch. You can also use the watch like a walkie-talkie and you can send sketches to friends as well.  (   The Apple Watch collection will have the new custom Apple S1 chip and it will be wrapped in resin to protect the watch from water and for shock absorption. The Apple Watch will be WiFi cable as well as Bluetooth. The Apple Watch collection will have a new MagSafe charger that will use inductive charging. apple-watch-gadget-grave-4 There is a downside to the Apple Watch collection, you have to use Apple iPhone 5 and up. This means that even though the Apple Watch Collection sounds great, I will not be one that will own one of these watches. Why you ask; because I love my Android device and do not want to give that up for a Watch. If you use an iPhone 5, 5S, 5C or iPhone 6/6 Plus, I would highly recommend purchasing the Apple Watch.    

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