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Photon Interactive

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Photon Interactive is a business that develops mobile encounters for significant models.   In other words, Photon Interactive wants to use your mobile device to see who you are and use this information to make daily things in your life more personal. Photon-interactive-gadget-grave-1 Remember the movie Minority Report where you could get personalized messages? Photon Interactive and Panasonic are teaming up to change the digital signs in stores and make this a reality.   How is this going to happen?  Well Panasonic is going to incorporate Photon Interactive’s software.  What does this mean for the customer?  It means that the Panasonic signs will gather information about you- the customer and personalize offers as well as a check in feature and to make purchases and so much more. Photon Interactive-gadget-grave-3 An example used on is that in a brick and mortar store; the digital signs will change from generic sales to customized offers based on you, your family and needs.  You will be able to use your smartphone to scan barcodes and make purchases from the app.  In restaurants, you may order food from an app designed by Photon and then scan your phone to pick up your food.   Eventually, Photon industries want you to use your phone to check-in at hotels, find doctors, confirm appointments and collect prescriptions.   The Photon technology already has 60 million “daily digital touch-points” and this will help Photon and Panasonic collect information about a specific consumer’s past shopping history, websites visited and create a “whole picture of the customer’s life.”  This information Photon gathers will then be used to customize personal messages throughout stores and other places with the technology.   These personal messages kind make me think of subliminal messaging.  You could be window shopping in your favorite store and you see the deals you do not need to pass up.   Photon and Panasonic plan on helping you shop, showing you the deals for you and offering of suggestions – like upselling.  Let’s say, you buy a hat.  The new digital signs will then show you gloves, scarves and other items that will go with that hat; plus coupons and special buys that are going on in the store. Photon Interactive-gadget-grave-2 With all the new technology happening on a daily basis to enhance our lives, I believe that some technology is just too much.  I remember a time when could remember phone numbers, had to use dial-up and waited until Thanksgiving Day to find out about the deals going on for Black Friday.   There are some things that are not quite ready yet, but the personal messaging system on stores is headed our way in the near future.  This technology by Photon with Panasonic will alleviate the reviewing catalogs, sales ads and reviewing coupons the store is offering since everything will appear on the digital screens just for you or you will be able to check into your doctor’s office without waiting for the receptionist and filling out paperwork.  You will, also, be able to use your smartphone to pay for your items. Photon Interactive-gadget-grave-4 Photon Interactive has brought the future to our doorstep.  Ready or not here it comes and it will revolutionize how we see shop, go to the doctors and even check-in at hotels.

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