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Motorola Keylink

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Can’t find your keys? Have your keys but can’t find your phone? It seems whenever you are in a hurry, you cannot find either your phone or keys- the two things people cannot leave home without. Well, Motorola has a solution to this problem.   The solution is called Keylink. Keylink is a Bluetooth “key fob” that helps you locate your lost keys or anything else that you attach to it. The Keylink will “ring” as long as it is within 100 feet of your smartphone. Not only that, but if you know where the keys are but not your phone- you can track your phone from your key fob. The Keylink will retail for about twenty-five dollars.  ( keylink-gadget-grave-1 How does it work, you ask? First, upon purchasing the Keylink, you will need to download the Motorola Connect app. The Motorola Conenct app is available from iTunes as well as on the Google Play Store. You can use this app with iOS 7.1 or higher and Android 4.3 or higher. Once you download the Motorola Connect app, you will pair the Keylink with your device and then you will be ready to use the device. If you cannot find your keys, you open the app on your find and view a map of where your keys are hiding. If you have your keys but not your phone, you can hit a button on the Keylink and track your phone down.   Motorola states that Keylink can track your keys or phone within a 100 feet. keylink-gadget-grave-2 The Keylink has a great feature if you have the 2nd generation Moto X, Droid Turbo or an Android running Lollipop, you can use the device in the “trusted device” setting AND you can keep your phone unlocked as long as it is within a certain range from Keylink. ( keylink-gadget-grave-3 The Keylink is supposed to be protected from rain, splashes and other non-saturated liquid. The battery is about the size of a watch battery and supposed to last around a year. The battery in the Keylink is easily replaced. keylink-gadget-grave-4   The Keylink key fob seems to work just fine but critics do state some flaws. One issue is that the Keylink Bluetooth is a unreliable and the Keylink had to reconnect to the device several times (   Another issue is that the Keylink does not always work unless the devices are about 50 feet from each other (   This is half of the stated range. This should not be too much of an issue because most people do not lose their keys too far from the front door of the house BUT it can become an issue if you leave your keys in a department store. Another issue with the Keylink is that you can only get it from two sources: Motorola and T-Mobile. keylink-gadget-grave-5 At the moment, there is a demand for the Motorola Keylink device and it is hard to find. If you are looking to try a simple Android Wear device, then the Motorola Keylink is a great, new alternative. I think I would like this device because I cannot ever find my keys in my purse or I forget where I left them. Instead of having to search, if I had the Keylink- I could use my phone and search less for my keys (or my phone). Motorola-Keylink-FOB

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