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How To Avoid And Remove Android FBI Ransomware

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In this post we will talk about how to avoid and remove Android FBI ransomware on Android devices. If you are careless about the apps you install on your Android device, you might find FBI Ransomware has popped up. ransomware-gadget-grave-1 The safeguards put in place by Google in the Play Store mean that malware should be blocked. Even if something were to get through the approval process, the rating systems and application report tool would see that it didn’t stay online. ransomware-gadget-grave-2 It’s from unknown sources that Ransomware ends up on a Android device, whether it is from online downloads or from third party app stores. As long as you have Settings > Security > Device Administration > Unknown sources disabled, malware cannot install. Also keeping the Verify Apps option checked will also help as it checks every installed app automatically. ransomware-gadget-grave-4 FBI Ransomware: It is disguised The bad thing is you won’t realize that you have installed the FBI Ransomware until it is too late; it isn’t listed as “FBI Ransomware” in any app stores! Instead it will disguise itself as another app. This isn’t very uncommon for Android malware, but in many cases there may be an apparently functional app giving you an illusion. Refusing to install any app claiming to be Adobe Flash Player can defeat any FBI Ransomware. Things have moved on considerably, Flash Player is not needed as browsers are now HTML5 ready, hereby removing the need for a video plugin. Anyone installing Flash Player from a third party app store is potentially opening the door for any FBI Ransomware type malware. So what can YOU do to remove it? Removing the FBI Ransomware in Safe Mode. So the FBI Ransomware message is taunting you on your Android device? Here is a solution, This really needs to become widely known so that any victim can delete the malware without having to payin for their data to be unlocked. Some older devices like the Samsung Galaxy S2, due to long loading times the FBI Ransomware doesn’t load quickly enough, which means that you can disable it before it has fully loaded, here is a video that might help: ransomware-gadget-grave-5 Booting your Android Smart Phone in Safe Mode differs from one Android version to another and across the many devices that are available. You might try to hold the power button, and long-press the Power Off to display the safe mode dialogue. Similarly, also you might have to long-press Reboot to get the same result. If all else fails you should be able to find the solution for your particular device with a quick web search. When you are booted into Safe Mode (you’ll spot the “Safe Mode” legend in the bottom left of your display) only the system apps will be running. All third party apps that you have downloaded and installed are disabled, almost like booting into Safe Mode in Windows. Now removing the FBI Ransomware from your Android device requires you to remove any administrative privilege from the app in its Flash Player disguise. Open Security > Device Administrator and select Flash Player, and then Deactivate.   Now you can remove the FBI Ransomware by opening Settings > Apps, selecting Flash Player and tapping Uninstall. Worst case scenario you will need to reboot into the devices built in recovery and reset your device. But doing this will certainly remove anything you have on your device. Any pictures, music or anything else will be gone. Doing any of the above you’ll save yourself a cool $300 should you be unfortunate enough to end up with it on your device. So if you come away with anything from this is , you should be extremely careful when using any third party app or app stores, and please don’t leave Unknown Sources disabled. Once you’re done installing a trusted app that isn’t from Google Play, please remember to re-enable verify apps!  

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