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LG AKA Smartphone

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LG has taken the smartphone to another level and I am unsure if it is good.  Have you hard of the LG AKA (pronounced AW-kuh) smartphone?  I just learned the other day and the LG AKA is cool and weird all at the same time. lg-aka-gadget-grave-1 The LG AKA Smartphone comes in the following colors:  yellow, white, pink and blue.  The AKA family of smartphones are a breakthrough in technology where the phone and the AKA owner have an emotional connection and the LG AKA will have its own personality. lg-aka-gadget-grave-2 There will be eyes that peek above the top quarter of a sleeve that covers the bottom three-quarters of the AKA.  The eyes on the LG AKA changes expressions as you wave your hand over the phone- by the front camera.  LG has taken the smartphone and turned it into an “emotive buddy” for smartphone users.  The LG AKA characters seek to create a connection by their individual dispositions and through backstories which support gamification.  The LG AKA will be a mid-range phone. lg-aka-gadget-grave-3 The LG AKA personalities are introduced next.  First, there is the yellow LG AKA, which is named Eggy.  Eggy falls in love easily.  The White LG AKA, named Wooky,  is a gangster wannabe  that talks in slang.   The Blue LG AKA, named Soul, loves beer and music but makes sure to not do either in excess.  Of course the pink LG AKA is the lone female in the LG AKA family.  Her name is YoYo because she loves cokes, burgers and her weight tends to fluctuate.  And of course she is stylish.  (   What are the LG AKA specifications you ask?  Well……   The LG AKA has a 5-inch screen that has true HD-IPS LCD.   The LG AKA has a 1.2 GHz quad core processor.  The LG AKA will also have 1.5 GB of RAM and 16 GB of internal storage that will be expandable with a microSD card.  The battery will not be removable in the LG AKA. lg-aka-gadget-grave-4 KitKat will come preinstalled in the LG AKA and it will have both a front and rear facing camera.  The rear facing will be 8-megapixel while the front will be a 2.1 megapixel camera.  (   The LG AKA has a ton of accessories such as different colored cases.  The different colored cases each have “different personalities” and a chip in the case that the LG AKA reads detects the new personalities.   This adds new “characters” to your repertoire.  (   Many critics believe these phones were not made for those who spend their money on the best smartphones but for those who are lonely and/or for those with wealthy imaginations.- like Raj from Big Bang Theory’s relationship with Siri. lg-aka-gadget-grave-5 The LG AKA is a cute style of smartphones.  The AKA family will appeal to teenagers and tween but I do not think it will be wildly popular among adults.   The colors and personalities an ingenious idea for tablets but unsure if the idea of personality-ridden smartphones will propel LG very far.   The LG AKA will probably have a cult following here in the United States.  In places such as Japan, the LG AKA family may take off and propel LG in the Asian market.

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