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3D Technology Smartphone Rumors

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There is always something smartphones are striving to out compete with their competitor and it seems like 2016 maybe no exception.   Rumors abound about all smartphone makers are working on 3D smartphones.   The 3D technology smartphone rumors have been around for years but have yet to develop into reality  until the possibility of the year 2016. image1 The rumors have some of the top smartphones using 3D technology: some smartphones are: iPhone 7, Galaxy S7, the Galaxy Note 6, Xperia Z5 and the LG G5.   What rumors are true and what are not true are yet to be seen but with 3D technology increasing, it is only natural for smartphones to use their flagship devices to launch a 3D smartphone.   There have been a few 3D smartphones; one was the HTC 3D Evo- for Sprint. The 3D capability was okay on the device but the graphics back then could not support the 3D images as well as the graphics can now in smartphones. Amazon released a “true” 3D smartphone. The supposed 3D smartphone was supposed to be direct competition with the iPhone 6, but the 3D Amazon smartphone did not live up to the hype. image2 2016 is expected to take 3D technology to the next level. You should be able to create 3D pictures as well as lifelike videos. Another possible feature is that you could possibly see a 3D image hovering over the phone- like it is popping off the screen. The rumors have the 3D technology available without special glasses. image3 3D technology rumors continue to make strides and with reliable sources touting the 3D technology, we are getting closer to have a true 3D smartphone in the near future.   It will be great to see which smartphone company develops and releases the 3D technology first.   The smartphone company that is able to release a good smartphone with 3D technology could corner the market. Smartphone makers do not want to rush the 3D technology though- if the 3D technology is not great, then the company will stand to lose its corner of the market- and with the market the way it is, one does not want to lose its corner of the market. image4 I cannot wait to see what 2016 will bring to the smartphone market.   We can all hope that it will be 3D technology but rumors are rumors and we will not know what will really happen with 3D technology.   3D technology is the next step to go among smartphones because the video quality is already great, cameras are great and smartphones are trying to find a piece of every market. With 3D technology, you will be able to watch 3D movies, television shows, as well as play video games in 3D. [caption id="attachment_7014" align="alignnone" width="689"]business man hand point to virtual business network process diagram business man hand point to virtual business network process diagram[/caption] 3D technology is coming soon to a smartphone near you and the future of selfies could change even more with 3D technology. Keep a watch out for the latest rumors, rumors turned to facts and other information concerning 3D technology as well as all smartphone rumors.  Hopefully 3D technology will become a reality a good reality and not like the flops of the past.

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