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Alcatel OneTouch Watch

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WHAT? Yes you read that right Alcatel is making a watch. Alcatel is known for its inexpensive smartphones you can purchase for most prepaid carriers. Alcatel’s new adventure does not conjure high-end fashionable watch- but it is a pretty watch. Alcatel’s OneTouch Watch is from a big dream to develop a great looking smartwatch that people will want to buy and wear. The OneTouch Watch will be priced at about $150 dollars. image 1 The Alcatel OneTouch Watch is designed to resemble a nice “regular” watch. The face is round and it is stainless steel and chrome. The straps are available in dark red and black plastic, white plastic, dark grey and chrome strap and a white metal strap. The Alcatel OneTouch Watch has a water resistant rating of IP67 and that means the Alcatel OneTouch Watch can be submerged up to 1.5 meters for thirty minutes. image 2 The Alcatel OneTouch Watch has an IPS screen that is 1.22 inches and has a resolution of 240x204 pixels. The Alcatel OneTouch Watch has an aleophobic coating. The Alcatel OneTouch Watch can be used with any Android device running version 4.3 or higher. On top of using it on Android, you can use the OneTouch Watch on any Apple smartphone running iOS 7 or higher. This means that you are not stuck with the outrageously priced Apple smartwatch. image 3 What can you do with the Alcatel OneTouch Watch? Plenty. You can get notifications on your Alcatel OneTouch Watch- this includes, emails, text messages, social media updates and many more. The Alcatel OneTouch Watch can be used as a remote for your smartphone’s camera. No more trying to fit everyone into a picture at arms length. You can set up your phone to take a picture (like someone was holding the camera) and hit the OneTouch Watch to snap the picture. Not only is the Alcatel OneTouch Watch a remote for your camera but also it can control your music. You can skip, play, and pause as well as other functions from your screen on your OneTouch Watch. Another feature of the Alcatel OneTouch Watch is that you can use its fitness tool. The fitness tool will keep up with your fitness activity and track it to see if you meet your goals. You can share this information to your friends and family. image 4 A cool feature of the Alcatel OneTouch Watch is that Alcatel did away with the charging port in a weird bulky spot and placed the charger in the wristband. There are no additional cables and the Alcatel OneTouch will plug and charge in your USB ports on your computer. image 5 The pros to the Alcatel OneTouch Watch are that the battery life is good and the price is not bad either. The design of the watch is a little bulky and bloggers have been quoted that sometimes there are connectivity issues. Also, there will be limited third party apps. sapphire-crystal-glass The Alcatel OneTouch Watch is a decent watch at a good value. The Alcatel OneTouch Watch is a great investment for those who use both Android and Apple phones, people who do not have a lot of money to spend and for those looking to try a smartwatch. It is worth a second look.

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