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Samsung Galaxy Note 6

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I know there is a blog somewhere stating that I was fan-girling over the Galaxy S7, and I was…. but I maybe holding out for something far more superior (I may need to win the lotto to afford this one though…). The rumors over the Samsung Galaxy Note 6 are STUNNING. Now, if the rumors hold true, the Samsung Galaxy Note 6 will be the best smartphone on the market. The concepts for the Galaxy Note 6 better come true because this girl is hooked! image 3 First, the battery will be a 4500 mAh. The battery will most likely be able to charge wirelessly or through a wire, quickly. The camera is getting an upgrade. The rear-facing camera may be a 30 MP camera that will produce 3D and 4K pictures as well as auto-focus and Optical image stabilization. The front-facing camera will be a 16 MP camera. These cameras will be capable of taking FANTASTIC pictures (the Note Edge pictures are AMAZING as well as the video quality).   The Samsung Galaxy Note 6 will record video at 2160p @ 30 fps, 1080p @ 60 fps and 720p @ 90 fps. There is the possibility of a folding screen as well as a fingerprint or Retina Scanner.   We will see which way Samsung will decide to take the new Samsung Galaxy Note 6; either way- it will be on AWESOME smartphone. image 2 Rumors have you able to choose the internal memory from a 16 GB all the way to 256 GB. The RAM is slated to be 8 GB of RAM. The processor could possibly be Qualcomm’s Snapdragon octa-core 2.9-GHz processor, which would make the smartphone quite fast. The Samsung Galaxy Note 6 will most likely have Android Marshmallow, unless there is another version of Android out- depends on when the Galaxy Note 6 is released. image 1 The screen is slated to be a 6-inch to a 6.2-inch 4K LCD with at least 800 ppi and will have a Barometer, compass, heart-rate sensor, thermometer, SPO2 and be dustproof and shockproof. As with previous versions of the Note, the Galaxy Note 6 will be offered in black or white- no added colors at the moment.   As with all other previous models, the Samsung Galaxy Note 6 will be accompanied by the S-Pen and all the great features that the S-Pen offers. As a Samsung Galaxy Note lover, the Galaxy Note 6 concept smartphone is going to be the best Note Samsung has produced. image 4 The pictures of the rumored design display a sleek, gorgeous Note 6. I can tell you now that I am in LOVE with the Samsung Note 6 concepts.   If you want a GORGEOUS Samsung device that is fully loaded, then just wait – yes it will be a long wait- in the end, it will be worth the wait. The Galaxy Note 6 will possibly be released around September of 2016 but trust me, with the price tag listed, you will need that much time to save up for the Note 6. The rumored price of the Galaxy Note 6 is about $1200 but one fan-girl can hope that the rumor is false.   Do not worry, if Samsung is not the smartphone company for you, there will be plenty of GREAT devices being released in 2016.   This girl will be counting pennies, eating ramen and getting the Galaxy Note 6!

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