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Micromax is an Indian company specializing in consumer products such as mobile phones, tablets, data cards and LED televisions. Micromax was founded in 1999 and has about 1,000 employees with its headquarters in Gurgaon, Haryana, India. Why is this information pertinent? Well it could be as Micromax mulls over the idea of releasing its smartphones to the United States market. In India, Micromax overthrew Samsung to become the largest smartphone provider and this is huge as India becomes the second largest smartphone market out there- and Micromax is thinking about expanding- it could be a great thing. [caption id="attachment_7034" align="alignnone" width="689"]Jpeg Jpeg[/caption] There is some bad news for Micromax, other companies have tried to successfully penetrate the United States market, with little success. Some of the more notable brands that have unsuccessfully tried are: Huawei, ZTE and Xiaomi. When reviewing the successfulness of the other companies, Micromax does not stand a chance against smartphone makers like Apple and Samsung. What Micromax will have to do, in order to enter the United States market, is to decide why Americans should buy a foreign product they have not heard of (yes there are some that will have heard of Micromax). image 2 Rumors have Micromax reviewing to release the Yu smartphone to the United States market. The Yu smartphone runs Cyanogen’s version of Android and Micromax boasts that sales of the Yu were at an astounding 1.5 billion at the close of it fiscal year in March. Micromax is expecting to increase its profits by fiscal end of year, March 2016. Micromax is adding 48 new smartphones at an average cost of $150 by the end of the year.   Micromax’s smartphones seem to be decently built, run a great version of Android (anyone that roots knows that Cyanogen is a great version of Android.) and is a nice looking smartphone. With that being said, there is something to be said about the Xiaomi, which is a beautifully designed smartphone.   If this smartphone struggled in the United States market, what will Micromax bring to the table?  How will Micromax stand out among the smartphone crowds in the United States? How will the price point affect its reachability to the American people? image 4 These questions need to be answered by the executives of Micromax as well as other looking at other companies who tried to immerse their products into the United States market.   By studying what worked and did not work among other foreign smartphone companies. Knowing what worked, what did not work and what the American people are looking for, will help Micromax decide what the best course of action. image 5 I can attest that the American people want a smartphone that is priced reasonably, but not just that; Americans want a great affordable smartphone. To explain further, Americans will pay a little more for a smartphone with a better reputation than a smartphone that is cheap. Americans also want to most storage, added storage and to be able to cruise the Internet while driving (DO NOT DRIVE AND TEXT OR PLAY ON THE INTERNET). image 3 I know that a great company will be able to take a piece of the American pie…..Is Micromax the next best thing since sliced bread? Who knows but before decisions are made, Micromax’s executives better research the good, the bad and ugly THEN decide whether to try the American market.

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