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Apple iPhone 7 Rumors

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The one great thing about being a “techie” is that you research all the gossip about the possible new smartphones and the iPhone 7 is no different. With the release of the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S plus- you are wondering what could possibly be rumored???   Well, that is easy- it is the upcoming iPhone 7.   What is the biggest news about the iPhone 7???   Right now, the rumors have the iPhones ditching the all-metal frames.   This is a huge feat, since the all-metal body is a newer idea- replacing the all glass. image 1 The idea is to make a stronger, better and waterproof phone. Yes, that is right, the iPhone may become waterproof.   According to Weibo, the iPhones could be made out of a totally new material! Another major change will be the screen.   The iPhone 7 may end up with flat LCD screen, what exactly will be the benefit or what it will look like, remains to be seen as Apple could go in a different direction altogether. But with more than a year before the 7 releases, there are some many changes that could take place.   image 2 With Apple, the iPhone has sustained itself with a few changes- other than in body.   The iPhone 7 may end up changing many facets about the iPhone lines. Apple has dabbled with water-resistant devices but has yet to produce a product that is water resistant but with the success of other water resistant devices, Apple is looking for ways to push it smartphones past the Android market. image 3 Another rumor about the upcoming iPhone 7 is the possible use of a 6-element lenses camera. The lens will increase the picture quality of the iPhone line 10-fold. At the moment, the cameras on the iPhones contain a 5-element lens camera. image 4 With all the rumors about the upcoming iPhone 7, I wonder what Apple will keep up its sleeve.   It is hard to review what the next smartphone will look like and, just remember, how smartphones were HUGE, then small and now are large again. image 5 The next big Apple iPhone will be the 7.   The 6S and the 6S plus just improved the design on the current 6 line. The iPhone 7 plans not capitalizing on the love for the larger phones will increase the durability of the phones.   Apple iPhones have always struggled with durability issues.   The glass broke easily when dropped, the metal bent. Apple does learn from its errors and works to improve the products. If I liked Apple iPhones, I would want more memory or removable memory. I love the idea of being able to increase my memory of my phone. Also, I would like to see a way to download apps without adding in my credit card/debit information.   I do think that Apple does a great job in improving the greatness of their phones by changing little things, that later become huge things. I also, see Apple continuing to search for the perfect body and form for their line of iPhones- one that marries beauty and functionality. If only they will change a few things that Android lovers like, then maybe they could overtake the smartphone market. I cannot wait to see exactly what the iPhone 7 will look like…..

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