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Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+

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As if the market was not already inundated with the Samsung Galaxy S6, it seems that Samsung has made improvements to the S6 series and called the new phone out: the Galaxy S6 Edge+. The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ boasts a 5.7-inch, quad HD Super AMOLED screen that produces a stunning picture- full of beauty and it is encased in a glass and metal construction. The Galaxy S6 Edge+ comes with a 16-megapixel camera tat has a optical stabilization. The Edge+ has an improved fingerprint scanner that The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ is a beautiful device that comes with a 4 GB of RAM which means no more slow downs when it comes to aps.   The Edge+ adds a larger, more reliable battery: a 3,000mAh lasts most a full day on the battery. The battery also charges wirelessly or rapidly through traditional “plugged in” method. The downside to the S6 Edge+ is that the battery is not removable. This is a feature Android users have come to love. image 1 The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ is not as cool as the Note 4 Edge. The S6 Edge+’s look cool but it is awkward to hold the S6 Edge+. The sloped edges and flat back make a person feel uncomfortable while trying to hold the S6 Edge+, if the back was curved and it fit more comfortably in your hand, it might not be so awkward to hold. image 2 The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ curved edges are for better video display. When watching videos, the edged screen “hides” the “bezels of the smartphone and makes it look more ‘immersive’”. The downfall to the videos being “immersive” is that the curved edges of the Galaxy S6 Edge+ distorts the images on the curves so it is still not a seamless video. image 3 The Edge+ is useful though with some tricks Samsung added to the Edge+. You can have shortcuts on the edge of the S6 Edge+, such as contacts.   You can swipe the contact from the edged part of the screen.   Unfortunately, you can replicate this on a flat screen with apps available from the Play Store. image 4 Samsung did add live streaming to YouTube directly through the Edge+’s camera. Samsung was not the first cellphone company to do this but it is a cool feature except it cannot replace the social aspect of the app Periscope that users tend to use. All the upgrades to the software did not constitute the need for the edged screen of the Galaxy S6 Edge+. Everything offered can run, easily on a non-edged smartphone.   Unlike the Note Edge, the Galaxy S6 Edge+ does not have the answering the phone feature nor does it display text messages on the side with a cover.   The Samsung Galaxy Edge+ falls short in the smartphone department.   The Edge+ is a beautifully designed phone that has a fast processor, beautiful screen and it is truly a “work of art.” The S6 Edge+ just falls short in making the design and functionality meld into a perfect smartphone. image 5 If you love the beauty of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+, then get the phone, as long as you can get past the awkward shape, the Galaxy S6 Edge+ is a great phone- but the sticker shock might get you!  

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