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Google Project Fi

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Google is known for the Internet as well as the “Google Nexus” devices- that are pure Android. Also, Google offers Internet service in select cities but did you know that Google is working on dropping its hat into the wireless service ring? image 6 Like many projects, Google Project Fi has not released anything about becoming a possible wireless provider. It seems though, if you have the new Motorola Nexus 6 tester (and received the newest firmware update), there is an app “with the placeholder name of ‘Tycho.’” This new app seems to be a portal to the elusive Google portal for the future service. The code for the app makes a reference to “Nova” and has settings that include type of plans and billing. Also, it seems that the code within the app points to pay for what you use type of service- such as paying per-gigabyte. The best part is that as it looks, if you pay for any part of your Google Wireless service and do not use it all, you will get refunded back what you do not use. Also, the app will allow you to move your number to different phones without the use of a SIM card or calling to switch your service. You will be able to access Google’s wireless service through the app. A big difference between Google’s wireless service and others already out on the market is that you will be able to use on multiple lines as well as data-only devices such as tablets. image 5 Another possible feature to using Google’s wireless service is that you will have more control over your privacy. You will be able to restrict who gets information about your data usage. The idea of having Google as your wireless service provider is a cool idea- but I do need more details. Also, is this going to be like the Internet service Google provides- and it is only provided in certain areas. image 4 The rumors have the wireless provider project called Project Fi, but this is not confirmed. It is not confirmed when Google will release their wireless service but it is believed that if anyone can shake up the wireless providers – that it is Google. image 3 There is a possible downside to Google’s wireless service and this has to do with cellphones. The code discusses a financing option, but it seems that – at least, at the moment- the only cellphone offered for financing is the Nexus line. Some critics have said that Google’s wireless service could hit a brick wall since the new Nexus is a large cellphone. I do not think it will affect Google’s wireless service, as there are places that sell used phones. In fact, I believe that if you do not like the cellphones provided by Google, you could just purchase a cellphone that suits your needs as well as work on Google’s network- you will be fine. image 2 I am excited to see where the rumors take us. In a way it is great that Google has developed its own wireless service but then I think- Google has Android, the Internet and Internet service and NOW wireless service…what is next? Google continues to push the technology envelope and will dominate many sectors of our lives soon…Wonder if they will hire me? image 1  

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