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Android Apps on your PC Part One

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Today we are going to run Android apps on Windows. Android might have started of slow but it has evolved and grew into a proven OS with a developer friendly OS. Since it’s first inception Android has always been Open Source and it is free to develop apps and put them on the play store. This has led to a surplus of really cool Android apps, some of which aren’t available on iOS or other platforms. With this being said Android apps usually requires an Android smartphone or tablet but not today! So, with a little legwork, we will run Android...

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Top 5 Android Gimmicks We Love To Hate

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Gimmicks are what android manufacturers have relied on since it's inception. Almost the entire android industry is based on "Look, our phone can do what the iPhone can't!" When really, they have nothing that the average consumer does that is special. So why do they keep doing it? Because people keep buying it. That's where we come into our list of top 5 android gimmicks we love to hate, and released with their phones. 1. The Galaxy Round - This entire devices existence baffles us. At a cost of over $1,000 USD, you can rock the phone to one side...

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Top Apps - 3 Fabulous Apps to Make Life Easier!

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There are hundreds upon hundreds of apps, we have picked out 3 that we think are fabulous! With the overload of advertising for apps these days it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Here are the 3 apps that we deem worthy of researching. Google Drive, Evernote and Mint are some of the best streamlining apps out there! Google Drive is a very easy to use data collaboration system that is easily accessible from the user friendly app. When you save your information in Google Drive you can access all your documents, pictures, and spreadsheets from anywhere because it is web based....

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