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Google Play Cracks Down On Pirate Bay Apps

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Here recently TorrentFreak reported that Google started removing Pirate Bay-related apps from it’s Google Play Store. Seeing how Google has crack downed on the most egregious pirate sites really isn’t so surprising for sure. Google has sent notices to the proprietors of numerous Pirate Bay apps on the Play Store, informing them that their apps violated the intellectual provisions of Google Play's terms of service. According to the report: Another drastic move came today when Google began removing many Pirate Bay related apps from its Play store. The apps in question include “The Pirate Bay Proxy,” “The Pirate Bay Premium,” “The Pirate Bay Mirror” and...

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Websites to Beat the Blues

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Bad stuff happens quite a bit, it’s pretty much just a fact of life. How we let it affect us can shape our entire lives. I have searched the internets high and low and found some pretty hilarious and helpful sites that might actually help your mood no matter what day you’re having. A few are pretty classic slapstick but some are downright soothing to the soul. Check out a few of my favorite sites for inspiration. I am currently the Dad of one and soon to be two little girls. I know how to use technology to my advantage...

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According to several major news outlets, the Department of Homeland Security issued a warning to individuals from using Internet Explorer.  Also NBC and PC World   Why?  Apparently there is a major vulnerability that has been discovered. This weakness allows hackers to obtain all access to your computer.  There is a remote code execution- dubbed- CVE-2014-1776 that allows hackers to gain the same access to the computer as the owner of the computer. Microsoft is scrabbling to fix the issue but it has yet to be resolved and users should download another browser until the security hole is fixed. This...

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