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Gadget Grave — Cell Phone Camera


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With the smartphones playing the “who has a better camera” it seems Apple has done something to try and propel itself “over the top.” Apple has recently purchases a camera tech company out of Israel named LinX. LinX most recent projects include multi aperture cameras that can do things like background blurred, 3D picture capabilities and other features that you can only get with a digital DSLR. LinX works specifically for camera that will be small enough for smartphones and tablets, which is one of the reasons Apple purchased the company for around $20 million. LinX’s cameras could help with...

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Samsung Galaxy S6 Camera

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Samsung heard the camera woes and worked to improve these woes with the Galaxy S6. The camera boot time is down to under a second to help catch those quick pictures. Samsung also brightened the camera with infrared white balance detection, which leads to better picture quality and less yellow. On top of this, you can read the following tips about the Galaxy S6 camera. Choose and use the ones you like and toss the ones you don’t like. One feature is that you can choose the “Quick Launch” feature in the camera settings. When you select this, it allows...

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